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Leica DMS1000 Digital Microscopes Leica Leica Microsystems

Low-to-Mid Range Magnification Digital Microscope Leica DMS1000

Standalone Operation

Watch Casing

Captured using Leica LED3000 RL and reflected light base

Printed Circuit Board

Captured using Leica LED3000 RL with diffusor and reflected light base

Watch Gears

Captured using Leica LED3000 RL with and reflected light base

Hole in metal component

The scale bar and cross hair automatically update at each zoom setting, this allows for quick measurement checks of samples

Drosophila Adult

Captured using medium incident light base and LED3000 Ringlight

Medaka Embryo

Captured using TL3000 ST transmitted light base

Zebrafish Embryo

Captured using TL3000 ST  transmitted light base

Zebrafish Larva

Captured using TL5000 Ergo transmitted light base in Rottermann Contrast mode