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PC-based Digital Microscope with High Degree of Magnification Leica DVM2500

Digital Microscopy Image Galleries

One of the main features of a digital microscope is the speed and ease with which it enables digital images and surface models to be created of macroscopic and microscopic structures.

Find example images galleries here for: Electronics, Forensic, Material Science, Semiconductor

Leica DVM2500 Camera

The Leica DVM2500 CCD camera is compatible with all digital microscope VZ zoom lenses.

Leica Digital and Versatile Microscopes

Using components from the large Leica product portfolio, the digital microscope is flexible to adapt to your application requirement

Natural Colors

The LED light source of the DVM2500 is optimized for natural color reproduction.

Viewed from every side

When it comes to examining the tiniest structures on inclined or vertical sample surfaces, conventional microscopes reach their limits. For Leica Digital Microscopes viewing even previously inaccessible sample areas are not a problem.

The flexible tilting stand, combined with revolving x/y-stage, enables reliable inspection and analysis of soldered joints on electronic components, for example.

The xy stage allows convenient positioning of the sample.