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Cell Check with PAULA Cell Imager

Catch the perfect moment

Starting a transfection experiment when the cells have reached exactly the right confluence status takes a lot of effort! So far, this has meant checking the cells again and again - even at the weekend. But this can be done in a smarter way: let PAULA handle it for you.

PAULA sits inside a standard incubator and acquires time-lapse image recordings for the analysis of confluence, transfection efficiency*, and wound healing. PAULA sends you a notification via e-mail when the desired status is reached - wherever you are.

No more wasting your valuable time on tedious, routine cell-check tasks. PAULA allows you to monitor your cells whenever you want and from wherever you are. Even while you are at home sitting relaxed in your living room chair.

*will come soon

Extend your team with multiple PAULA imagers

Allow PAULA to support you in lab management and benefit from attractive product and software bundles.

Take away the guesswork

PAULA checks cell line characteristics, like confluence, for you. This brings the usual guessing game, where several people just give estimated values of the confluence, to an end. PAULA gives you a reproducible result fast and unambiguously.

PAULA scans and identifies your flasks within milliseconds using the integrated barcode reader. This keeps everything under control, even when the time is tight. PAULA stores the documentation in a database - organized, traceable, and dependable.

PAULA even memorizes your personal settings for each specimen and recalls them at any time the same specimen is being checked.

Documentation with PAULA cell imager
PAULA supports Windows, iOS and Android

The perfect networker

PAULA stays at the place in the cell culture lab where you need it to be: on the bench, in the incubator, under the hood. The control options are flexible enough to keep you connected with your cell lab even from far away when you are somewhere else.

Operate PAULA directly with a touch monitor or via a wireless connection with a tablet. It doesn’t matter what platform you prefer, whether Windows, iOS, or Android.

Do you need to compare simultaneously different cell lines over time? Sure, why not do that. Up to 4 PAULA imagers can team up, allowing you to acquire and analyze 4 independent samples at the same time.

From simple imaging to cell based assays

Do you plan to image or analyze large cell populations? Your assistant PAULA supports you with alignment-free phase contrast, multi-fluorescence, and time-lapse imaging, as well as confluence checks, under physiological conditions.

PAULA can learn and soon will provide additional cell-based assays for transfection-efficiency checks, and wound-healing.

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See how you can upgrade your PAULA system. There’s so much more to come - be curious.

PAULA documents phase contrast/fluorescence images. MDCK mx1-GFP cells, courtesy of Prof. Dr. Ralf Jacob, University of Marburg, Germany