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PAULA Smart Cell Imager

PAULA, how are my cells today?

Archived Product
This item has been phased out and is no longer available. Please contact us using the button below to enquire about recent alternative products that may suit your needs.


Show answer How can I install PAULA in an incubator?

Place PAULA in an incubator and guide the 2 cables through a feedthrough opening, normally found at the back. If your incubator does not have such an opening, then you can also pass the cables through the door’s opening.

Show answer I want to use my tablet to control PAULA, but I do not have access to a local network (LAN).

For this case, you can use a travel router to create a network for PAULA. Most of the time, a travel router is country specific. Please refer to the router’s manual for the setup.

Show answer How can I control PAULA if I do not want a mobile tablet?

You can connect a touch monitor (alternatively, a monitor, keyboard, and mouse) and control PAULA easily in this way.

Show answer Can I use PAULA as an isolated, stand-alone workstation?

Yes, this is possible. Simply use a touch monitor (or alternatively a monitor, keyboard, and mouse) to control the digital imager. You do not need to connect to a LAN at all.

Show answer How can I share my results with my colleagues and supervisor?

You can use the infrastructure of your tablet (e.g., AirDrop, email, iCLOUD drive, etc.) or your local area network (servers). In addition, you can save data on a USB stick. Please contact your local IT department if you have questions about policies concerning network security.

Show answer How do I receive notifications about cell confluence?

You can setup to receive notifications via email, if desired.

Show answer How can I access PAULA when I’m at home?

Use your virtual private network (VPN) client to access the network PAULA is connected to.

Show answer Do you offer a user management to control access?

Yes. Administrators, users, and guests have different levels of access.

Show answer I’m not an experienced microscope user. Do I have to perform any manual alignments for the phase contrast?

No. PAULA does not require alignment by the user. You can simply switch between fluorescence and phase contrast without doing any manual alignments.

Show answer Cleaning and keeping the environment as sterile as possible is always an issue for our cell culture lab. How can PAULA make my life easier in this regard?

PAULA is very easy to clean. We recommend 70% isopropyl alcohol or equivalent. The opening to the objective is sealed, so no liquid (e.g. media) can get in. All surfaces are easy to access and clean.

Show answer Does PAULA feature an antimicrobial surface?

Yes. However, we still recommend to clean PAULA (except the NUC PC) with 70% isopropyl alcohol or equivalent.

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