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Leica DM6000 M Automated Research Microscope for Materials Science

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DM4 M & DM6 M

With the top-of-the line microscope it is possible to configure a system for every user’s specific application and preference. It operates with a motorized Z-drive, motorized nosepiece turret, and motorized stage.

All common incident light methods are easily combined. A transmitted light axis is also available. A single push on the touch screen, or using PC software, sets the illumination level and aperture diaphragm, and selects the objective and contrast method for fully automated contrast and light management. This feature is ideal for reproducing microscope observation settings and permits the operator more time for the science itself. The Leica DM6000 M is also available with a 6”x 6” stage for microelectronics inspection.

The Leica DM6000 M can be custom-tailored for specific applications with high-resolution digital cameras and software modules for image analysis and archiving.
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