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Leica Z6 APO Manual 6:1 Macroscope for detailed Documentation, Measurement and Evaluation

The Leica Z6 APO is a fully apochromatic zoom system with excellent light transmission for high contrast, high-resolution, detailed analysis. The single beam path provides 2D images and ensures parallax-free imaging.

Together with the <link products microscope-cameras digital-cameras external-link-new-window external link in new>Leica DFC cameras and the <link products microscope-software imaging-software details product leica-application-suite external-link-new-window external link in new>Leica Applications Suite, this is ideal for digital imaging.

The modular design allows an optimized configuration for the individual applications. The direct attachment of a digital camera results in highest brightness levels. Visual inspection tasks are done with the attachment of a binocular tube from the Stereomicroscope line.

Large working distance allows convenient analysis of any sample.

Key Features

Excellent light transmission

Zoom range from 0.57– 3.6x with excellent light transmission – for shorter and constant camera exposure times.

Planapochromatic zoom

Planapochromatic zoom and objective – highest optical performance (high contrast, high resolution, high color fidelity) for best results.

Resolution up to 1500Lp/mm

High resolution up to 1500Lp/mm – for sharp and detail rich imaging.

Built in iris diaphragm

Built in iris diaphragm – for adjustable depth of field.

Large working distance

Large working distance, i.e. 97 mm with 1.0x – allows easy accessibility to any sample.

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