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Mateo TL Digital Transmitted Light Microscope

Routine cell culture? Check!


Show answer How do I transfer images from Mateo TL?

You can transfer images from Mateo TL either 1) by copying them to a USB disk or 2) by sharing them to your smart device via Wi-Fi. Check out our instruction videos “How to export images to a USB drive” and “How to transfer images from the Mateo TL microscope to a smartphone” within the media tab:  

Show answer Which file formats are supported by Mateo TL?

Supported formats: JPEG and TIFF

Show answer Why is my live image frozen?

Please follow the instructions provided in the quick start guide for the proper use of USB ports to avoid this problem. 

Show answer How do I activate the confluency module?

The Confluency module can be used to estimate cell confluency, the percentage of the surface of a culture vessel that is covered by adherent cells. Many cell-based experiments require cell culture to reach a certain confluency. With Mateo TL microscope, you can use the onboard Confluency module to measure the confluency of your cell culture. 

To activate the confluency module please follow these steps: 

  1. Download the license request file from Mateo TL to a USB flash drive.  
  2. Activate confluency module on LMS license website and download it to a USB flash drive.  
  3. Upload the downloaded license update file to Mateo TL via the USB flash drive. 

See "How to activate the confluency module" on our Youtube Tutorials Channel.

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