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Mateo TL Digital Transmitted Light Microscope

Routine cell culture? Check!

Mateo TL base configuration

Light source


Contrast methods

Transmitted light (brightfield and phase contrast)



S40/0.45 condenser, working distance 50 mm

Phase turret

Encoded 3-position turret (BF, PH0, PH1)

Objective nosepiece


Encoded 4-position nosepiece

Preinstalled objectives

HI PLAN 4x /0.10 PH0

HI PLAN I 10x /0.22 PH1


Fixed stage (L*W) 262 mm x 212 mm


Coarse and fine focusing, travel range 7mm, min. adjustment 2μm


Integrated CMOS, 6 megapixel color camera, sensor size 1 / 1.8“, pixel dimensions 2.4 μm × 2.4 μm, sensor format H: 3072; V: 2048


Embedded operating system with software for e.g. cells observation, image capturing and saving

Image output



Color monitor with adjustable tilt, 15.6 inch, 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels

Onboard storage

Total storage 16 GB

(Approximately 9 GB for the operating system and 7 GB for storing images and logfiles)

USB ports

1x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0

Dimension (depth x width x height)

Monitor in display position: 310 mm x 376 mm x 530 mm

Monitor in folded position: 310 mm x 376 mm x 385 mm


11 kg

Transportation aid

Supporting handle on the back of microscope

Other items included in the base configuration

Wireless mouse, mouse pad, dust cover, power adaptor, power cord, user manual and quick start guide

Optional accessories



HI PLAN I 20x/0.30 PH1

HI PLAN I 40x/0.50 PH1

Object guide kit


  • one attachable object guide
  • holding frame #1 for petri dishes 35 mm & 60 mm, glass slides, chambered slides and chambered coverglasses
  • holding frame #2 for multi-well plates

Software module

Confluency module

WIFI dongle

WIFI Dongle 2.4 GHZ

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