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PAULA, how are my cells today?

Smart Cell Imager PAULA

Standardize the work in your cell culture lab with PAULA

For cell culture labs in biotech and pharma companies, standardization of work steps is the key to success. However, very often guesswork is still a part of the daily routine work, e.g., estimation of confluence.

Save time while working in your cell culture lab with PAULA

Do you need to check the status of your cells frequently to find the right moment for the next workflow step? Even on weekends and holidays? PAULA helps you manage your cells more efficiently.

Put PAULA with your specimens in the incubator. PAULA monitors the cells and informs you when the desired cell status is reached. You can check the current status whenever and wherever you want using mobile devices.

With PAULA, your Personal AUtomated Lab Assistant, confluence checks will be done in a standard way leading to reproducible results.

PAULA Unboxing Video

Discover the unboxing of PAULA, your Personal AUtomated Lab Assistant. Get started in a few steps.

  1. First, carefully remove all components from the transportation and packaging materials. 0:09.
  2. Remove the transport lock at the rear side of the digital imager. 0:34.
  3. Connect the power supply of the Digital Imager and NUC PC.  1:50
  4. Connect the power supply of the NUC PC. 2:25
  5. Connect the USB3 cable from the Digital Imager with the appropriate interface at the rear side of the NUC PC (any socket). 2:51
  6. Connect the HDMI cable of the monitor. 2:59
  7. Connect the power supply cords to the mains.
  8. Switch on NUC PC using the on/off switch at the front. 3:03

Acquire time-lapse image recordings

Would you like to acquire time-lapse image recordings to observe the progression of your cell culture towards confluence? No problem with PAULA. PAULA even sends you a notification via e-mail when the desired status is reached - wherever you are.

Video: Time-lapse of MDCK cells in phase contrast, time-interval 1 hour. Courtesy of Prof. Dr. Ralf Jacob, University of Marburg, Germany

Documentation with PAULA cell imager