Leica M165 FC Fluorescent Stereo Microscope

A piggyBac transposon- and Gateway-enhanced system for efficient BAC transgenesis
Liang Zhao, Ee Ting Ng, Peter Koopman (2014)
Developmental dynamics   

Spatial optimization in perfusion bioreactors improves bone tissue-engineered construct quality attributes
Ioannis Papantoniou, Yann Guyot, Maarten Sonnaert, Greet Kerckhofs, Frank P Luyten, Liesbet Geris, Jan Schrooten (2014)
Biotechnology and bioengineering

Yap1 is required for endothelial to mesenchymal transition of the atrioventricular cushion
Hui Zhang, Alexander von Gise, Qiaozhen Liu, Tianyuan Hu, Xueying Tian, Lingjuan He, Wenjuan Pu, Xiuzhen Huang, Liang He, Chen-Leng Cai, Fernando D Camargo, William T Pu, Bin Zhou (2014)
The Journal of biological chemistry p. M114.554584-

Increased mtDNA mutations with aging promotes amyloid accumulation and brain atrophy in the APP/Ld transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Lokesh Kukreja, Gregory C Kujoth, Tomas A Prolla, Fred Van Leuven, Robert Vassar (2014)
Molecular Neurodegeneration 9 (1) p. 16

Unexpected Role of the Steroid-Deficiency Protein Ecdysoneless in Pre-mRNA Splicing
Ann-Katrin Claudius, Patrizia Romani, Tobias Lamkemeyer, Marek Jindra, Mirka Uhlirova (2014)
PLoS genetics 10 (4) p. e1004287

De novo CCND2 mutations leading to stabilization of cyclin D2 cause megalencephaly-polymicrogyria-polydactyly-hydrocephalus syndrome
Ghayda M Mirzaa, David A Parry, Andrew E Fry, Kristin A Giamanco, Jeremy Schwartzentruber, Megan Vanstone, Clare V Logan, Nicola Roberts, Colin A Johnson, Shawn Singh, Stanislav S Kholmanskikh, Carissa Adams, Rebecca D Hodge, Robert F Hevner, David T Bonthron, Kees P J Braun, Laurence Faivre, Jean-Baptiste Rivière, Judith St-Onge, Karen W Gripp, Grazia M S Mancini, Ki Pang, Elizabeth Sweeney, Hilde van Esch, Nienke Verbeek, Dagmar Wieczorek, Michelle Steinraths, Jacek Majewski, Kym M Boycott, Daniela T Pilz, M Elizabeth Ross, William B Dobyns, Eamonn G Sheridan (2014)
Nature genetics advance on

Stem cell-dependent formation of a functional anterior regeneration pole in planarians requires Zic and Forkhead transcription factors
Matthias C Vogg, Suthira Owlarn, Yuvia A Pérez Rico, Jianlei Xie, Yoko Suzuki, Luca Gentile, Wei Wu, Kerstin Bartscherer (2014)
Developmental biology

Dissolution Chemistry and Biocompatibility of Single-Crystalline Silicon Nanomembranes and Associated Materials for Transient Electronics
Suk-Won Hwang, Gayoung Park, Chris Edwards, Elise A Corbin, Seung-Kyun Kang, Huanyu Cheng, Jun-Kyul Song, Jae-Hwan Kim, Sooyoun Yu, Joanne Ng, Jung Eun Lee, Jiyoung Kim, Cassian Yee, Basanta Bhaduri, Yewang Su, Fiorenzo G Omennetto, Yonggang Huang, Rashid Bashir, Lynford Goddard, Gabriel Popescu, Kyung-Mi Lee, John A Rogers (2014)
ACS nano

Embelin inhibits endothelial mitochondrial respiration and impairs neoangiogenesis during tumor growth and wound healing
Oliver Coutelle, Hue-Tran Hornig-Do, Axel Witt, Maria Andree, Lars M Schiffmann, Michael Piekarek, Kerstin Brinkmann, Jens M Seeger, Maxim Liwschitz, Satomi Miwa, Michael Hallek, Martin Krönke, Aleksandra Trifunovic, Sabine A Eming, Rudolf J Wiesner, Ulrich T Hacker, Hamid Kashkar (2014)
EMBO molecular medicine   

Heme acts through the Bach1b/Nrf2a-MafK pathway to regulate exocrine peptidase precursor genes in porphyric zebrafish
Shuqing Zhang, Minrui Xu, Jian Huang, Lili Tang, Yanqing Zhang, Jingyao Wu, Shuo Lin, Han Wang (2014)
Disease models & mechanisms   

Spatial and Temporal Control of Transgene Expression in Zebrafish
Alexander A Akerberg, Scott Stewart, Kryn Stankunas (2014)
PloS one 9 (3) p. e92217

Knocking out Smad3 favors allogeneic mouse fetal skin development in adult wounds
Ke Liu, Zhen Gao, Xiaoli Wu, Guangdong Zhou, Wen Jie Zhang, Xiao Yang, Wei Liu (2014)
Wound repair and regeneration 22 (2) p. 265-71

Sall1 balances self-renewal and differentiation of renal progenitor cells
Jeannine M Basta, Lynn Robbins, Susan M Kiefer, Dale Dorsett, Michael Rauchman (2014)
Development 141 (5) p. 1047-58

A modular plasmid assembly kit for multigene expression, gene silencing and silencing rescue in plants
Andreas Binder, Jayne Lambert, Robert Morbitzer, Claudia Popp, Thomas Ott, Thomas Lahaye, Martin Parniske (2014)
PloS one 9 (2) p. e88218

Male-Killing Spiroplasma Induces Sex-Specific Cell Death via Host Apoptotic Pathway
Toshiyuki Harumoto, Hisashi Anbutsu, Takema Fukatsu (2014)
PLoS pathogens 10 (2) p. e1003956

Embryonic domains of the aorta derived from diverse origins exhibit distinct properties that converge into a common phenotype in the adult
Elise R Pfaltzgraff, Elaine L Shelton, Cristi L Galindo, Brian L Nelms, Christopher W Hooper, Stanley D Poole, Patricia A Labosky, David M Bader, Jeff Reese (2014)
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology

Bone Tissue Engineering via Allograft Revitalization: Mechanistic and Mechanical Investigations Using a Porcine Model
Christopher M. Runyan, Samantha T. Ali, Wendy Chen, Bennet Calder, Aaron Rumburg, David A. Billmire, Jesse A. Taylor (2014)
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

The origin and migration of primordial germ cells in sturgeons
Taiju Saito, Martin Pšenicka, Rie Goto, Shinji Adachi, Kunio Inoue, Katsutoshi Arai, Etsuro Yamaha (2014)
PloS one 9 (2) p. e86861

Fluorodeoxyuridine Improves Caenorhabditis elegans Proteostasis Independent of Reproduction Onset
Naama Feldman, Libby Kosolapov, Anat Ben-Zvi (2014)
PloS one 9 (1) p. e85964

p53 and TAp63 Promote Keratinocyte Proliferation and Differentiation in Breeding Tubercles of the Zebrafish
Boris Fischer, Manuel Metzger, Rebecca Richardson, Philipp Knyphausen, Thomas Ramezani, Rainer Franzen, Elmon Schmelzer, Wilhelm Bloch, Thomas J Carney, Matthias Hammerschmidt (2014)
PLoS genetics 10 (1) p. e1004048

Ovule ontogeny in Billbergia nutans in the evolutionary context of Bromeliaceae (Poales)
Natividad Ferreira Fagundes, Jorge Ernesto Araujo Mariath (2014)
Plant Systematics and Evolution   

Peritruncal Coronary Endothelial Cells Contribute to Proximal Coronary Artery Stems and Their Aortic Orifices in the Mouse Heart
Xueying Tian, Tianyuan Hu, Lingjuan He, Hui Zhang, Xiuzhen Huang, Robert E. Poelmann, Weibo Liu, Zhen Yang, Yan Yan, William T. Pu, Bin Zhou (2013)
PLoS ONE 8 (11) p. e80857

miR-219 Regulates Neural Precursor Differentiation by Direct Inhibition of Apical Par Polarity Proteins
Laura I. Hudish, Alex J. Blasky, Bruce Appel (2013)
Developmental Cell

The Purkinje Neuron Acts as a Central Regulator of Spatially and Functionally Distinct Cerebellar Precursors
Jonathan T. Fleming, Wenjuan He, Chuanming Hao, Tatiana Ketova, Fong C. Pan, Christopher C.V. Wright, Ying Litingtung, Chin Chiang (2013)
Developmental Cell    27 (3) p. 278-292

Tension-oriented cell divisions limit anisotropic tissue tension in epithelial spreading during zebrafish epiboly
Pedro Campinho, Martin Behrndt, Jonas Ranft, Thomas Risler, Nicolas Minc, Carl-Philipp Heisenberg (2013)
Nature Cell Biology    advance on

Netrin-dependent downregulation of Frazzled/DCC is required for the dissociation of the peripodial epithelium in Drosophila
Rosemary Manhire-Heath, Sofia Golenkina, Robert Saint, Michael J Murray (2013)
Nature communications 4 p. 2790

A Pitx transcription factor controls the establishment and maintenance of the serotonergic lineage in planarians
Martin März, Florian Seebeck, Kerstin Bartscherer (2013)
Development (Cambridge, England)   

Nanoslit Membrane Integrated Chip for Protein Detection Based on Size-Dependent Particle Trapping
Yul Koh, Homan Kang, Seung Hyun Lee, Jin-Kyoung Yang, Jong-Ho Kim, Yoon-Sik Lee, Yong-Kweon Kim (2013)
Lab on a Chip

High-throughput analysis of meiotic crossover frequency and interference via flow cytometry of fluorescent pollen in Arabidopsis thaliana
Nataliya E Yelina, Piotr A Ziolkowski, Nigel Miller, Xiaohui Zhao, Krystyna A Kelly, Daniela F Muñoz, David J Mann, Gregory P Copenhaver, Ian R Henderson (2013)
Nature protocols 8 (11) p. 2119-34

TCP3 interacts with R2R3-MYB proteins, promotes flavonoid biosynthesis and negatively regulates auxin response in Arabidopsis thaliana
Shutian Li, Sabine Zachgo (2013)
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology

Sdc2 and Tbx16 regulate Fgf2-dependent epithelial cell morphogenesis in the ciliated organ of asymmetry
Cammon B Arrington, Annita G Peterson, H Joseph Yost (2013)
Development 140 (19) p. 4102-9

Effects of Pulse Power Discharges in Water on Algae Treatment
Sebastian Gnapowski, Hidenori Akiyama, Takashi Sakugawa, Masahiro Akiyama (2013)
IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 133 (4) p. 198-204

Human stem cell osteoblastogenesis mediated by novel glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitors induces bone formation and a unique bone turnover biomarker profile in rats
Peter S Gilmour, Patrick J O'Shea, Malbinder Fagura, James E Pilling, Hitesh Sanganee, Hiroki Wada, Paul F Courtney, Stefan Kavanagh, Peter A Hall, K Jane Escott (2013)
Toxicology and applied pharmacology

PARP-1 regulates resistance of pancreatic cancer to TRAIL therapy
K. Yuan, Y. Sun, T. Zhou, J. M. McDonald, Y. Chen (2013)
Clinical Cancer Research p. 1078-0432.CCR-13-0516-

Three dimensional characterization of tissue-engineered constructs by contrast enhanced nanofocus computed tomography
Dr. Ioannis Papantoniou, Mr. Maarten Sonnaert, Dr. Liesbet Geris, Prof. Frank Prosper Luyten, Dr. Jan Schrooten, Dr. Greet Kerckhofs (2013)
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods

Jason D Gray, Stanislav Kholmanskikh, Bozena S Castaldo, Alex Hansler, Heekyung Chung, Brian Klotz, Shawn Singh, Anthony M C Brown, M Elizabeth Ross (2013)
Human molecular genetics p. ddt277-

Efficient auto-excision of a selectable marker gene from transgenic citrus by combining the Cre/loxP system and ipt selection
Xiuping Zou, Aihong Peng, Lanzhen Xu, Xiaofeng Liu, Tiangang Lei, Lixiao Yao, Yongrui He, Shanchun Chen (2013)
Plant Cell Reports

Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition blocks m2 macrophage differentiation and suppresses metastasis in murine breast cancer model
Yi-Rang Na, Yi-Na Yoon, Da-In Son, Seung-Hyeok Seok (2013)
PloS one 8 (5) p. e63451

Germline Stem Cell Arrest Inhibits the Collapse of Somatic Proteostasis Early in Caenorhabditis elegans Adulthood
Netta Shemesh, Nadav Shai, Anat Ben-Zvi (2013)
Aging cell   

Integrating History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences in Practice to Enhance Science Education: Swammerdam’s Historia Insectorum Generalis and the Case of the Water Flea
Catherine Kendig (2013)
Science & Education p. 1-23

Development of the Mouse Dermal Adipose Layer Occurs Independently of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue and Is Marked by Restricted Early Expression of FABP4
Kamila Wojciechowicz, Karl Gledhill, Carrie A Ambler, Craig B Manning, Colin A B Jahoda (2013)
PloS one 8 (3) p. e59811

Substance P mRNA expression during zebrafish development: Influence of mu opioid receptor and cocaine
R López-Bellido, K Barreto-Valer, R E Rodríguez (2013)

Differences in Lateral Line Morphology between Hatchery- and Wild-Origin Steelhead
Andrew D. Brown, Joseph A. Sisneros, Tyler Jurasin, Chau Nguyen, Allison B. Coffin (2013)
PLoS ONE 8 (3) p. e59162

Formation of a Polymer Surface with a Gradient of Pore Size using a Microfluidic Chip
Kristina Kreppenhofer, Junsheng Li, Rodrigo Segura, Ludmilla Popp, Massimiliano Rossi, Pavleta Tzvetkova, Burkhard Luy, Christian Kähler, Andreas Guber, Pavel A Levkin (2013)
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids

Function and Regulation of AUTS2, a Gene Implicated in Autism and Human Evolution
Nir Oksenberg, Laurie Stevison, Jeffrey D Wall, Nadav Ahituv (2013)
PLoS genetics 9 (1) p. e1003221

Regulatory roles of cytokinins and cytokinin signaling in response to potassium deficiency in Arabidopsis
Youn-Jeong Nam, Lam-Son Phan Tran, Mikiko Kojima, Hitoshi Sakakibara, Rie Nishiyama, Ryoung Shin (2012)
PloS one 7 (10) p. e47797

Expression of tachykinin receptors in zebrafish: influence of cocaine and opioid receptors
Roger López-Bellido, Katherine Barreto-Valer, Raquel E Rodriguez (2012)
Journal of molecular endocrinology p. JME-12-0199-

Cocaine Modulates the Expression of Opioid Receptors and miR-let-7d in Zebrafish Embryos
Roger López-Bellido, Katherine Barreto-Valer, Fátima Macho Sánchez-Simón, Raquel E. Rodríguez (2012)
PLoS ONE 7 (11) p. e50885

Deficiency for the Ubiquitin Ligase UBE3B in a Blepharophimosis-Ptosis-Intellectual Disability Syndrome
Lina Basel-Vanagaite, Bruno Dallapiccola, Ramiro Ramirez-Solis, Alexandra Segref, Holger Thiele, Andrew Edwards, Mark J. Arends, Xavier Miró, Jacqueline K. White, Julie Désir, Marc Abramowicz, Maria Lisa Dentici, Francesca Lepri, Kay Hofmann, Adi Har-Zahav, Edward Ryder, Natasha A. Karp, Jeanne Estabel, Anna-Karin B. Gerdin, Christine Podrini, Neil J. Ingham, Janine Altmüller, Gudrun Nürnberg, Peter Frommolt, Sonia Abdelhak, Metsada Pasmanik-Chor, Osnat Konen, Richard I. Kelley, Mordechai Shohat, Peter Nürnberg, Jonathan Flint, Karen P. Steel, Thorsten Hoppe, Christian Kubisch, David J. Adams, Guntram Borck (2012)
The American Journal of Human Genetics

Regulatory roles of cytokinins and cytokinin signaling in response to potassium deficiency in Arabidopsis
Youn-Jeong Nam, Lam-Son Phan Tran, Mikiko Kojima, Hitoshi Sakakibara, Rie Nishiyama, Ryoung Shin (2012)
PloS one 7 (10) p. e47797

Cationic PAMAM Dendrimers Aggressively Initiate Blood Clot Formation
Clinton F Jones, Robert A Campbell, Amanda E Brooks, Shoeleh Assemi, Soheyl Tadjiki, Giridhar Thiagarajan, Cheyanne Mulcock, Andrew S Weyrich, Benjamin D Brooks, Hamidreza Ghandehari, David W Grainger (2012)
ACS nano

Arabidopsis PIZZA Has the Capacity to Acylate Brassinosteroids
Katja Schneider, Christian Breuer, Ayako Kawamura, Yusuke Jikumaru, Atsushi Hanada, Shozo Fujioka, Takanari Ichikawa, Youichi Kondou, Minami Matsui, Yuji Kamiya, Shinjiro Yamaguchi, Keiko Sugimoto (2012)
PLoS ONE 7 (10) p. e46805

Exploitation of chick embryo environments to reprogram MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma cells to a benign phenotype, lacking detectable MYCN expression
R Carter, D Mullassery, V See, S Theocharatos, B Pizer, P D Losty, E Jesudason, D J Moss (2012)
Oncogenesis 1 (8) p. e24

Exposing the third chromosome of Burkholderia cepacia complex strains as a virulence plasmid
K Agnoli, S Schwager, S Uehlinger, A Vergunst, D F Viteri, D T Nguyen, P A Sokol, A Carlier, L Eberl (2012)
Molecular microbiology 83 (2) p. 362-78

Caenorhabditis elegans RNA-processing Protein TDP-1 Regulates Protein Homeostasis and Lifespan
Tao Zhang, Ho-Yon Hwang, Haiping Hao, Conover Talbot, Jiou Wang (2012)
The Journal of biological chemistry p. M111.311977-

Using the Tg(nrd:egfp)/albino zebrafish line to characterize in vivo expression of neurod
Jennifer L Thomas, Margaret J Ochocinska, Peter F Hitchcock, Ryan Thummel (2012) 
PloS one 7 (1) p. e29128

Transsynaptic tracing of conditioned eyeblink circuits in the mouse cerebellum
L W Sun (2012)
Neuroscience 203 p. 122-34

Visualization of retinoic acid signaling in transgenic axolotls during limb development and regeneration
James R Monaghan, Malcolm Maden (2012)
Developmental biology 368 (1) p. 63-75

Bypassing the Greatwall-Endosulfine Pathway: Plasticity of a Pivotal Cell-Cycle Regulatory Module in Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans
Min-Young Kim, Elisabetta Bucciarelli, Diane G Morton, Byron C Williams, Kristina Blake-Hodek, Claudia Pellacani, Jessica R Von Stetina, Xiaoqian Hu, Maria Patrizia Somma, Daniela Drummond-Barbosa, Michael L Goldberg (2012)
Genetics 191 (4) p. 1181-97

Mutations in the pqe-1 Gene Enhance Transgene Expression in Caenorhabditis elegans
Koji Yamada, Jun-Ichi Tsuchiya, Yuichi Iino (2012)
G3 (Bethesda, Md.) 2 (7) p. 741-51

Ephrin Bs are essential components of the Reelin pathway to regulate neuronal migration
Aycan Sentürk, Sylvia Pfennig, Alexander Weiss, Katja Burk, Amparo Acker-Palmer (2011)
Nature 472 (7343) p. 356-60

The head-regeneration transcriptome of the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea
Thomas Sandmann, Matthias C Vogg, Suthira Owlarn, Michael Boutros, Kerstin Bartscherer (2011)
Genome biology 12 (8) p. R76

Stromal cell-derived factor-1 and hematopoietic cell homing in an adult zebrafish model of hematopoietic cell transplantation
Tiffany J Glass, Troy C Lund, Xiaobai Patrinostro, Jakub Tolar, Teresa V Bowman, Leonard I Zon, Bruce R Blazar (2011)
Blood 118 (3) p. 766-74

A comparative analysis of the uncertainty of astigmatism-µPTV, stereo-µPIV, and µPIV
C. Cierpka, M. Rossi, R. Segura, F. Mastrangelo, C. J. Kähler (2011)
Experiments in Fluids 52 (3) p. 605-615

A soybean dual-specificity kinase, GmSARK, and its Arabidopsis homolog, AtSARK, regulate leaf senescence through synergistic actions of auxin and ethylene
Fan Xu, Tao Meng, Pengli Li, Yunqing Yu, Yanjiao Cui, Yaxin Wang, Qingqiu Gong, Ning Ning Wang (2011)
Plant physiology 157 (4) p. 2131-53

Visualization of lymphatic vessels by Prox1-promoter directed GFP reporter in a bacterial artificial chromosome-based transgenic mouse
Inho Choi, Hee Kyoung Chung, Swapnika Ramu, Ha Neul Lee, Kyu Eui Kim, Sunju Lee, Jaehyuk Yoo, Dongwon Choi, Yong Suk Lee, Berenice Aguilar, Young-Kwon Hong (2011)
Blood 117 (1) p. 362-5

Soil Coverage Reduces Photodegradation and Promotes the Development of Soil-Microbial Films on Dryland Leaf Litter
Paul W. Barnes, Heather L. Throop, Daniel B. Hewins, Michele L. Abbene, Steven R. Archer (2011)
Ecosystems 15 (2) p. 311-321

Excess of serotonin affects neocortical pyramidal neuron migration
O Riccio, M Jacobshagen, B Golding, L Vutskits, D Jabaudon, J P Hornung, A G Dayer (2011)
Translational psychiatry 1 p. e47

Root hair development involves asymmetric cell division in Brachypodium distachyon and symmetric division in Oryza sativa
Chul Min Kim, Liam Dolan (2011)
The New phytologist 192 (3) p. 601-10

Regulation of nonsymbiotic and truncated hemoglobin genes of Lotus japonicus in plant organs and in response to nitric oxide and hormones
Pilar Bustos-Sanmamed, Alejandro Tovar-Méndez, Martin Crespi, Shusei Sato, Satoshi Tabata, Manuel Becana (2011)
The New phytologist 189 (3) p. 765-76

Receptor-Like Activity Evoked by Extracellular ADP in Arabidopsis Root Epidermal Plasma Membrane
Vadim Demidchik, Zhonglin Shang, Ryoung Shin, Renato Colaço, Anuphon Laohavisit, Sergey Shabala, Julia M Davies (2011)
Plant physiology 156 (3) p. 1375-85

Effects of fruiting on vegetative growth and development dynamics of grapevines (Vitis vinifera cv. Semillon) can be traced back to events at or before budbreak
Dennis H. Greer, Chris Weston (2010)
Functional Plant Biology 37 (8) p. 756

Simple and efficient transgenesis with I-SceI meganuclease in the newt, Cynops pyrrhogaster
Martin Miguel Casco-Robles, Shouta Yamada, Tomoya Miura, Chikafumi Chiba (2010)
Developmental dynamics 239 (12) p. 3275-84

Blood sugar measurement in zebrafish reveals dynamics of glucose homeostasis
Stefani C Eames, Louis H Philipson, Victoria E Prince, Mary D Kinkel (2010)
Zebrafish 7 (2) p. 205-13

Comparison of mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue for bone regeneration in a critical size defect of the sheep tibia and the influence of platelet-rich plasma
Philipp Niemeyer, Katharina Fechner, Stefan Milz, Wiltrud Richter, Norbert P Suedkamp, Alexander T Mehlhorn, Simon Pearce, Philip Kasten (2010)
Biomaterials 31 (13) p. 3572-9

Functional interactions between the LRP6 WNT co-receptor and folate supplementation
Jason D Gray, Ghunwa Nakouzi, Bozena Slowinska-Castaldo, Jean-Eudes Dazard, J Sunil Rao, Joseph H Nadeau, M Elizabeth Ross (2010)
Human molecular genetics 19 (23) p. 4560-72

Disruption of two defensive signaling pathways by a viral RNA silencing suppressor
Mathew G Lewsey, Alex M Murphy, Daniel Maclean, Neil Dalchau, Jack H Westwood, Keith Macaulay, Mark H Bennett, Michael Moulin, David E Hanke, Glen Powell, Alison G Smith, John P Carr (2010)
Molecular plant-microbe interactions : MPMI 23 (7) p. 835-45

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