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Publications 2017

Fabrication and characterization of photoelectrochemically-active Sb-doped Snx-W(100-x)%-oxide anodes: Towards the removal of organic pollutants from wastewater
Ghasemian S, Omanovic S
Applied Surface Science
2017 vol: 416 pp: 318-328 

Thin film nanocarbon composites for supercapacitor applications
Schopf D, Es-Souni M
2017 vol: 115 pp: 449-459

Publications 2016

Halloysite Nanotube as Multifunctional Component in Epoxy Protective Coating
Vijayan P, P Hany El-Gawady Y, Al-Maadeed M
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
2016 vol: 55 (42) pp: 11186-11192

Untangling the environmental from the dietary: dust does not matter
Merceron G, Ramdarshan A, Blondel C, Boisserie J, Brunetiere N, et. al.
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences
2016 vol: 283 (1838)

Towards the ranking of airborne particle emissions from car brakes - a system approach
Perricone G, Alemani M, Metino I, Matejka V,
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering

Multi-layered nanofibrous mucoadhesive films for buccal and sublingual administration of drug-delivery and vaccination nanoparticles - important step towards effective mucosal vaccines
Mašek J, Lubasová D, Lukáč R, Turánek-Knotigová P, et. al.
Journal of Controlled Release

Seeds, browse, and tooth wear: a sheep perspective
Ramdarshan A, Blondel C, Brunetière N, Francisco A, Gautier D, Surault J, Merceron G
Ecology and Evolution

Application of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy in Stroke-Affected Brain Tissue
Ali M, Al-Saad K, Popelka A, Tilborg G, Goormaghtigh E
Swift Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
2016 vol: 2 (2) pp: 11-24

A transparent, solvent-free laminated top electrode for perovskite solar cells
Makha M, Fernandes S, Jenatsch S, Offermans T, et. al.
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
2016 vol: 17 (1) pp: 260-266

A novel approach to obtain conductive tracks on PP/MWCNT nanocomposites by laser printing
Colucci G, Beltrame C, Giorcelli M, Veca A, Badini C, et. al.
RSC Adv.
2016 vol: 6 (34) pp: 28522-28531

Cyanine tandem and triple-junction solar cells
Zhang H Niesen B Hack E Jenatsch S Wang L, et. al.
Organic Electronics
2016 vol: 30 pp: 191-199

Silicon-based plant defences, tooth wear and voles
Calandra I, Zub K, Szafrańska P, Zalewski A, Merceron G
The Journal of experimental biology
2016 vol: 219 (Pt 4) pp: 501-7

Publications 2015

Review of the mathematical foundations of data fusion techniques in surface metrology
Wang J, Leach R, Jiang X
Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties
2015 vol: 3 (2) pp: 023001

Effect of oxidation on room temperature strength of ZrB2- and HfB2- based ultra-high temperature ceramics
Zapata-Solvas E, Jayaseelan D, Brown P, Lee W
Advances in Applied Ceramics