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Leica DM1750 M Industrial & Materials Leica Leica Microsystems

Materials Analysis Microscope Leica DM1750 M

Reflected light axis

  • Built-in adjustable aperture diaphragm, produces bright, crisp and maintenance-free lighting for all of your samples
  • Ergonomically positioned membrane-keyboard allows easy, intuitive operation of all 4 LED segments for oblique illumination
  • Quick control for LED-light intensity
  • Power on/off switch distinctly separated from other keys to avoid operating errors
  • Reflected light illuminator incorporates two slots that allows the use of a Polarizer & Analyzer

Oblique illumination

For a quick surface inspection of your metal samples the oblique illumination is integrated with every Leica DM1750 M. By pressing one of the OBL buttons on the right side illumination keyboard, the oblique illumination is activated and the light arrives with a deviation angle of the beam path onto the sample – fast, reliable, and with topographic information e.g. for the detection of scratches or particles.

Objectives for your demand

High class objectives are available for each budget, from the HI PLAN series with outstanding flatness, contrast, and color correction to research class objectives that meet even the highest expectations. Also available: series of extra long working distance objectives for a safer inspection in the materials laboratory.

Height-adjustable focus knobs

The unique, patented height-adjustable focus knobs and easy-to-change stage controls customize the Leica DM1750 M for an individual user. Together with other ergonomic equipment like tilting tubes, intermediate modules, and brightness synchronized objective series, these features give the user a better feeling at the end of a long working day.