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Leica SR GSD Widefield Super-resolution System

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica SR GSD 3D

Superresolution Microscopy Reveals Nanometer-Scale Reorganization of Inhibitory Natural Killer Cell Receptors upon Activation of NKG2D
Sophie V Pageon, Shaun-Paul Cordoba, Dylan M Owen, Stephen M Rothery, Anna Oszmiana, Daniel M Davis (2013)
Science signaling 6 (285) p. ra62

Measuring image resolution in optical nanoscopy
Robert P J Nieuwenhuizen, Keith A Lidke, Mark Bates, Daniela Leyton Puig, David Grünwald, Sjoerd Stallinga, Bernd Rieger (2013)
Nature Methods advance on

The unconventional secretion of stress-inducible protein 1 by a heterogeneous population of extracellular vesicles
Glaucia N M Hajj, Camila P Arantes, Marcos Vinicios Salles Dias, Martín Roffé, Bruno Costa-Silva, Marilene H Lopes, Isabel Porto-Carreiro, Tatiana Rabachini, Flávia R Lima, Flávio H Beraldo, Marco M A Prado, Rafael Linden, Vilma R Martins (2013)
Cellular and molecular life sciences

Sensitive pH Probes of Retro Self-Quenching Fluorescent Nanoparticles
Lin-Chen Ho, Chung-Mao Ou, Chi-Lin Li, Ssu-Yu Chen, Hung-Wen Li, Huan-Tsung Chang (2013)
Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Incoming RNA Virus Nucleocapsids Containing a 5'-Triphosphorylated Genome Activate RIG-I and Antiviral Signaling
Michaela Weber, Ali Gawanbacht, Matthias Habjan, Andreas Rang, Christoph Borner, Anna Mareike Schmidt, Sophie Veitinger, Ralf Jacob, Stéphanie Devignot, Georg Kochs, Adolfo García-Sastre, Friedemann Weber (2013)
Cell Host & Microbe 13 (3) p. 336-346

Imaging the post-fusion release and capture of a vesicle membrane protein
Kem A Sochacki, Ben T Larson, Deepali C Sengupta, Mathew P Daniels, Gleb Shtengel, Harald F Hess, Justin W Taraska (2012)
Nature communications 3 p. 1154

Tubulin detyrosination promotes monolayer formation and apical trafficking in epithelial cells
Sabrina Zink, Lena Grosse, Andrea Freikamp, Sebastian Bänfer, Frauke Müksch, Ralf Jacob (2012)
Journal of cell science p. jcs.109470-

Using light to see and control membrane traffic.
Yingke Xu, Thomas J Melia, Derek K Toomre (2011)
Current opinion in chemical biology

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