Focus on the cell

Take the mystery out of setting up a TIRF experiment with the fully automated Infinity TIRF.

Sample-specific alignment and calibration via integrated sensors ensure that your results are consistent and reproducible.

Integration with LAS X

Full integration with LAS X software helps you minimize setup and training time so that you can get to what really matters: your experiment.

1 TIRF Sensor: Detects the back reflected beam and enabling reproducible automated adjustment of TIRF penetration depth in every sample
2 TIRF Scanner: Fine-tuning of TIRF penetration depth and adjustment of illumination direction (azimuth)
3 Movable collimator: Allows TIRF over full z-travel range with all Leica TIRF objectives
4 Merge Optics: Combines a second illumination light path through Infinity TIRF module
5 Beam Expander: Infinity TIRF HP module increases the power density on the sample for super-resolution imaging

Life in colors 

The Infinity TIRF can be used with the wide range of available widefield lasers, so you can see the entire spectrum of fluorescence.

Get the whole story of dynamic live processes in your cells with simultaneous multiple-color imaging.

Lasers available

  • 1-5 laser lines
  • 405-640nm
  • 60-150mW
Hela cells stably expressing Actin Chromobody-Tag GFP2 and stained with SIR-Tubulin. Courtesy of ChromoTek GmbH, Munich, Germany, and Spirochrome SA.

Find the best angle

Every samples is unique and our technology is designed to work with distinct samples.

Look at cells from every angle to find the best imaging conditions.

The Infinity TIRF module includes azimuth shifting capability so that you can find the perfect image of your sample every time.


Supercharge your system with super-resolution and nanoscopy capabilities. Choose the Infinity TIRF High Power (HP) system to give you the ability to achieve multi-color single molecule resolution at the cell surface to resolve structures involved in receptor trafficking, synaptic organization, or cell adhesion.

With the high-powered lasers option, you can image and analyze down to 20nm resolution with techniques such as single molecule particle tracking, GSD, dSTORM and uPaint.

dSTORM image of microtubules stained with Alexa 647
DMi8 Infinity TIRF System

DMi8 S Infinity TIRF System

The Infinity TIRF and Infinity TIRF HP system configured with the DMi8.

  • Fully motorized DMi8 with 2 Infinity ports
  • Infinity TIRF module
  • WSU laser box
  • DFC9000 sCMOS Camera
  • Adaptive Focus Control (AFC)
  • PLAN APO TIRF objectives
  • LAS X software

Multimodal widefield imaging system 

Create a multimodal widefield imaging system by combining the Infinity Scanner and Infinity TIRF with the DMi8 inverted microscope system to expand your research capabilities.

Combine applications like TIRF, FRAP, photoswitching, ablation, optogenetics and many more to reveal more details in your dynamic molecular processes than ever before.

Expand your application flexibility even more by adding the Infinity TIRF module to the SP8 confocal system.

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