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20 Megapixel color CMOS camera DMC5400

Archived Product
Replaced by K5C


You can attach the DMC5400 camera to most compound or stereo microscope with a documentation tube or documentation port from Leica Microsystems. If you are unsure, your local Leica representative will be happy to help. For microscopes other than Leica please contact your local Leica representative.

It is a 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor with latest Sony ExmorR sensor technology.

We recommend to use a 1.0x C-mount adapter, for stereo microscopes (article no. 10 450 829) as well as for compound microscopes (11 541 510).

The DMC5400 camera has a USB 3.0 digital interface. The connector is according to industry standard a USB 3 micro-B socket with screw locks.

Yes, this can be done. USB Hubs are not recommended, as they sometimes do not deliver enough power for proper operation of the camera.

The DMC5400 will not work when operated through a USB 2.0 interface.

The camera is fully supported in LAS X  3.4 or higher. Limited support in LAS 4.13 or higher.

The camera is compatible with Win7, Win8 and Win10 software.

The camera can be switched to monochrome mode using Leica software.

The box includes the DMC5400 camera head, DVD with Leica Application Suite (LAS) and Leica Application Suite (LAS X) software, USB cable 2.5 m with screw-lock connectors.