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Capture high-resolution images at any magnification level

Even when you need to examine your samples under low magnification, the K5C allows you not only to reveal fine detail, but also see that detail in both light and dark areas at the same time.

Distinguish, study and document small differences

With its high-resolution CMOS sensor, you will be able to see and document extremely subtle differences in color, and the optical performance of your microscope system will not be limited by the camera.

CMOS Camera K5C

Capture more in a single shot

The K5C color CMOS camera, with its 20 megapixel (MP) sensor offers high resolution, allowing you to capture everything within a single image.

Zoom into your image post-capture and get the same amount of data in fewer images compared to many industry-typical cameras with 5 MP resolution.

Use speed to your imaging advantage

See changes immediately in your live image

Enjoy high speed live images thanks to the K5C camera’s 32 frames per second (fps) for fast focusing and positioning of your sample.

Because it takes less than 1 second for automatic determination of the correct exposure for your image, you can see the details immediately after focussing or applying a magnification change.

Setup made easy

The design of the K5C will make setup and focusing of your samples convenient and intuitive, saving you time.

Choose your work style with the K5C CMOS camera

  • Easily connect with notebooks and PCs via USB 3.0 interface
  • Single connection for power and data transfer
  • Enjoy fast live images on the screen while focusing
  • The K5C is compatible with both versions of the Leica Application Suite software (LAS and LAS X) and its expert modules which help you to document your samples accurately.

Compatible with TWAIN

TWAIN is a protocol that enables communication between software and selected Leica Microsystems microscope cameras. It allows you to process images with your preferred software later on. 

Take advantage of your camera’s TWAIN capability to control the camera, acquire images, and transfer image data to various repositories for analysis and archiving. For example, easily store images to your Laboratory/Hospital Information Management System (LIS/HIS/LIMS).

To get the TWAIN driver file register here

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