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FLEXACAM C1 12 MP stand-alone microscope camera

Capture, document, and share images in seconds

Archived Product
Replaced by Flexacam C3

Save time and effort with the FLEXACAM C1 microscope camera when capturing, documenting, and sharing images. The camera turns your microscope into a stand-alone digital imaging station with no need for a PC. Start working by simply connecting the FLEXACAM C1 to your microscope, preferred viewing device, and network.

Adjust and operate the camera with the integrated on-screen display (OSD) directly via a monitor. The OSD also offers intuitive annotation, overlay and network tools for more flexibility to enhance your documentation. 

View and share images the way you want. The FLEXACAM C1 can be adapted to your workplace setup - simply connect the camera to your monitor or PC and network. Thanks to the 12 MP CMOS sensor and large dynamic range, fine details and true-to-life colors are a given.

The FLEXACAM C1 is your fast, adaptable microscope camera solution for a wide variety of samples and applications in industry, life science, forensics, and education.

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