Save time and effort with stand-alone operation & integrated OSD

No need for a PC. Use the FLEXACAM C1 in stand-alone mode which enables you to complete your daily imaging tasks quickly and simply.

Adjust and operate the camera, then annotate and share your images and videos all via the intuitive on-screen tools.

View, record, and share in seconds

  • View images directly on your monitor and record videos in full HD with up to 30 frames per second
  • Save images to your local network or send as email attachment for easy sharing and storage

M125 C stereo microscope with FLEXACAM C1 microscope camera, and TL5000 Ergo transmitted light base

Enhance your documentation

  • Annotation: Allows you to add text and graphical elements directly to the image. This enables specific features to be highlighted and important information to be illustrated in areas of interest on a sample.
  • Overlay: Provides you with a live image display on which a reticule or cross-hair can be electronically overlaid to give a direct and continuous comparison. Customized overlays can be created within the annotation tool.

Adapts to your workplace setup

Connect the FLEXACAM C1 to your microscope and viewing device the way you prefer. No need to change your working style, the FLEXACAM C1 adapts to your needs. Simply view images via a monitor, computer, or laptop and share them over your network.

1 - The HDMI mode allows you to use the camera in stand-alone mode without the need for a PC

2 - Use the Ethernet mode to work with direct access to your facility's network

3 - Save images directly on a USB stick when the camera is used in stand-alone mode

4 - For workplaces without network access you can choose the USB mode to connect the camera and software directly with your PC 

5 - Easily connect a USB mouse, keyboard, or Wi-Fi dongle

The FLEXACAM C1 is compatible with most Leica stereo and compound microscopes. 

See more with crisper images

The FLEXACAM C1 displays true-to-life color images in high resolution. No matter the industrial, life science, forensic, or educational application, you can view images in full HD or 4K and capture fine details of your sample.

Your advantages

  • True-to-life colors are provided by large dynamic range 
  • Fine details are revealed in acquired images thanks to the 12 MP CMOS sensor 
  • Quickly screen samples with bright and dark areas due to the fast auto exposure

A range of application images

Software for your individual application needs

The FLEXACAM C1 is compatible with the Leica Application Suite (LAS) X software and its expert modules.

With LAS X, you can acquire multi-dimensional and Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) images, document results, and archive your data.

For your specific applications, Leica Microsystems offers a range of expert modules. Contact your local Leica representative to find out which module is best suited to your needs.  

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