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K3C & K3M The Microscope Camera K3 series

For Life Science and Industry Imaging Applications and Analysis

Technical Specifications

Sensor type CMOS
Sensor size (diagonal). 8.92 mm
Sensor format 3072 px x 2048 px
Pixel dimensions 2.4 μm x 2.4 μm
Shutter mode Rolling, Global reset
Data interface USB 3
Mechanical interface C-mount
Exposure range 1 ms - 10 s
Frames per second 15 fps (software triggered), 21 fps (hardware triggered – available in K3M only) 
Triggering M8/8-Pin connector (only K3M is triggerable)
Sensor cooling Passive
Dark noise 2.8 e- (median)
Full well capacity 14000 e-
Dynamic Range up to 72 dB
Bit depth / Colour depth 3 x 12 -bit = 32-bit RGB, 12-bit mono
Binning options 2x2
Optical filter 650 nm IR cut off filter
Operating system Windows with LAS X application
Power consumption 3 W
Operation temperature 5 °C - 40 °C

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