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K7 Color CMOS Microscope Camera

Power up with K7: Flexibility, Productivity, Speed, and Stunning Images!

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Microscope equipped with a K7 color CMOS camera for life-science and industry imaging applications.

Technical Terms for Digital Microscope Cameras and Image Analysis

Learn more about the basic principles behind digital microscope camera technologies, how digital cameras work, and take advantage of a reference list of technical terms from this article.

Fields of Application

Life Science Research

Leica Microsystems’ life science research microscopes support the imaging needs of the scientific community with advanced innovation and technical expertise for the visualization, measurement and…

Industrial Microscopy Markets

Maximizing uptime and achieving targets efficiently help your bottom line. Leica microscope solutions can give you insights into the smallest sample details as well as analyze, document, and report…

Industrial Applications

Microscopes can be used in industrial applications, such as the inspection of parts and components, rework and assembly, quality assurance / quality control, failure analysis, and research and…
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