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Leica IC90 E Integrated CMOS microscope camera

Documentation made fast, easy, and networked

Archived Product
Replaced by Flexacam c5 & i5

Are you looking for a stereo microscope camera that gives you networking ability, allows you to work more ergonomically, and is cost effective? Then the Leica IC90 E is the right choice for you.

The Leica IC90 E CMOS microscope camera for stereo microscopes was developed for the Leica M series stereo microscopes. It provides pin-sharp images with spot-on color reproduction for professional visualization and documentation of industrial applications. 

  • Reveal more details with the 10 megapixel resolution 
  • Directly connect to your microscope, no documentation tube needed
  • Choose your connection to the camera via USB, Network, or HDMI
Microscope camera with ethernet connection and 10 MP resolution
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