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Manage more than one sample

Analyze more than one sample at the same time, improve your workflow efficiency and simplify your process with automated particle analysis. Combine for example multiple filter samples from one filtration process into a single batch for analysis and assign different settings for particle classification for each filter. Generate reports easily to share your results.

Now you can

  • Save time by analyzing more than one filter at a time per batch
  • Set different parameters for particle classification, such as length and width limits for each filter
  • Measure with round or rectangular scanning patterns
  • Use the microscope for other tasks besides technical cleanliness analysis

Meet or exceed standards

Inspection is an important step in product safety, and is key for reliability and conformity to standards. Documenting the cleanliness of your parts and components is essential in order to attain the necessary certifications.

Cleanliness Expert software helps you

  • Classify your technical cleanliness by various international and national standards 
  • Include individual requirements
  • Acquire reliable and reproducible results with the store and recall function
  • Determine the full damage potential of the particle by measuring height, not just the length and width
  • Generate reports quickly in compliance with external or internal standards

Identify the source of contamination 

Don’t search – analyze! 

Imagine if you could combine visual and chemical inspection in a single workflow solution to help you find the source of contamination. Cleanliness Expert software combined with Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) system provides you with a flexible 2-in-1 analysis solution. Knowing more about the contamination quickly and easily gives your business an advantage when making decisions.

Your flexibility with LIBS

  • Get the chemical fingerprint of the particle without transferring it to an electron microscope (SEM) or other device
  • Eliminate additional sample preparation and system adjustment
  • Keep the chemical analysis in-house to save time and money 
  • Make informed decisions based on optical and chemical information 

Easy and intuitive software design for any user

Cleanliness Expert software has been designed with the user in mind. The user interface is configurable to specific needs to allow easy navigation by operators of different levels of proficiency. The software guides the users intuitively to quickly start the analysis. For reliable, reproducible results, all system settings are stored in a configuration file and can be automatically recalled.

Choose Cleanliness Expert software

  • Fast and easy differentiation between reflective (metallic) and non-reflective particles
  • Autofocus and autodetection functionalities
  • Interactive filter map showing position of live image during result review
  • Accurate automated analysis due to software calibration by coded microscopes
  • Generate reports easily to share your results

Cleanliness Analysis Workflow

Benefit from the expertise of two renowned companies

Optimize your cleanliness workflow with a turnkey cleanliness analysis solution from a “single source”.

Leica Microsystems and Pall Corporation offer together a complete integrated workflow solution for component cleanliness. PALL offers complete package solutions for equipping cleanliness laboratories: from the extraction, i.e. the separation of particles from the components, to the finished analysis with a suitable optical evaluation system from Leica Microsystems. 

The workflow consists of

  • Washing cabinets and filters from Pall
  • Optical and chemical analysis solutions from Leica Microsystems 
  • Advice on workflow optimization from application experts at Leica Microsystems and Pall

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