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Leica EM Cryo CLEM Sample Preparation for Electron Microscopy Leica Leica Microsystems
Cryo CLEM specimen handling

Smooth and contamination free specimen handling

  1. Dedicated cryo objective for high resolution imaging of vitrified samples.
  2. Cryo stage with synchronized ojective lid for perfect specimen conditions.
  3. Safe and intuitive transfer and loading of the specimen into the cryo stage.

Cartridge system for different sample holders

  1. Cartridge to hold 2 AutoGrids. Easy loading by press and clip mechanism.
  2. Multipurpose cartridge for bare grids and other suitable sample holders.
  3. Cartridge to hold wafers specifically designed for synchroton applications. 
Cryo CLEM cartridge system
Cryo CLEM software module

CLEM Workflow

The software module Workflow for CLEM follows an intuitive, self-explaining design:

  • Faster achievements of results
  • Reloading of complete experiments
  • One click export of images and target coordinates
  • Low training effort for new users 

Relocalisation by coordinate transfer

Coordinates set on the target regions can be tranferred together with the image data to ensure a fast relocalisation in different electron microscopy imaging modalities.

Image coordinates can be transferred to Serial EM and Thermo Fisher Scientific MAPS. 

Workflow examples

Cryo CLEM workflow using high pressure frozen and cryosectioned samples
Cryo on-grid lamella workflows, where the samples are plunge frozen and the region of interest milled down to be imaged in the cryo TEM later