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EM Cryo CLEM Correlative Light and Electron Microscope

In-depth understanding of cellular structural biology

Archived Product
Replaced by THUNDER Imager EM Cryo CLEM

Explore cellular structural biology by accessing information from molecules within their native environment with the help of the EM Cryo CLEM microscope.

The EM Cryo CLEM is a dedicated cryo fluorescence microscope, designed to maintain optimal cryo conditions for smooth, contamination-free specimen handling throughout your experiment. High resolution imaging combined with sophisticated software enables you to quickly and easily target your region of interest. You can then simply export the coordinates and image data to an electron microscope for the next steps in the correlative process.

The EM Cryo CLEM microscope offers a range of unique features for CLEM experiments under cryo conditions:

  • Safe and intuitive sample transfer and loading
  • High resolution imaging
  • Fast image acquisition
  • Seamless transfer of coordinates to different EM software solutions
For research use only
Leica EM Cryo CLEM set based on Leica DM6 FS
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