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Loading of a grid cartridge into the EM Cryo CLEM using the transfer shuttle

Smooth and contamination free specimen handling

The EM Cryo CLEM makes sure your specimen stays under optimal cryo conditions and keeps it contamination free throughout your experiment, even during long term image recordings.

Keep your cryo sample free of contamination

A unique cartridge system (1) allows safe and fast handling of the specimen. The press and clip mechanism accelerates the specimen throughput and loading time of your grids into the cryo stage.

A shuttle docking station (2) safeguards your cryo sample by keeping it always at the right temperature.

The cryo stage (3) with synchronized objective lid prevents the specimen of air contamination by keeping it under a permanent overpressure.

High resolution for precise sample targeting

Image at high resolution using the EM Cryo CLEM microscope and see the fine details of your specimen.

To enable you to find the correct target region with ease, choose the HCX PL APO 50x CLEM cryo objective. The objective is purpose-designed for high resolution imaging of vitrified samples.

Image at high resolution using the EM Cryo CLEM microscope and see the fine details of your specimen.

Leica Microsystems EM Cryo CLEM microscope
Cryo CLEM software module

Fast image acquisiton

Record your images quickly and easily with the Cryo CLEM 3 workflow software module.

The workflow software module leads you step by step through the experiment so even a new user can quickly get the results they need. 

The Cryo CLEM 3 workflow software module is implemented in the LAS X software platform for life science.

The module offers:

  • Fast acquisition of results
  • Imaging of multiple target regions to create perfectly stitched mosaic images
  • Reloading of complete experiment setups for fast, reproducible results
  • One-click export of images and target coordinates

Easy retrieval by coordinate transfer

Target your regions using the integrated CLEM 3 software module and easily transfer the coordinates together with the image data to an electron microscope.

Safe and precise transfer of the coordinates ensures the immediate retrieval of target regions in the electron microscope.

Depending on the workflow you apply, you can either export to a Serial EM or Thermo Fisher Scientific MAPS.

Find the Cryo Electron Tomography workflow developed in colaboration with Thermo Fisher.

Fluorescence image of a cell on an EM grid visualized and selectively marked with the EM Cryo CLEM.
The exact same cell visualized and retrieved with the coordinate marker, here, on the Thermo Scientific Aquilos.

Choose your workflow according to your biological question

The EM Cryo CLEM microscope is a flexible multi-purpose solution that can be implemented in different electron microscope workflows.

Depending on your research question, you can chose the optimal workflow to find the right answers with your biological experiment.

Cryo CLEM workflow using high pressure frozen and cryosectioned samples
Cryo on-grid lamella workflows, where the samples are plunge frozen and the targeted cells milled down to be imaged in the cryo TEM later