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Improve sample preparation by optimal coating

Sputter, carbon and e-beam coater Leica EM ACE600

Leica EM ACE600 High Vacuum Sputter Coater

The Leica EM ACE600 is a fully automated table-top sputter coater, designed to produce very thin, fine-grained and conductive metal and carbon coatings for the highest resolution analysis, as required for FE-SEM and TEM applications.

Leica EM ACE600 with Leica EM VCT100

Outfitted with the Leica EM VCT100 (vacuum cryo transfer system) this instrument is the ideal solution for contamination-free cryo-SEM sample preparation with complete environmental control.

Please note that the EM VCT100 was replaced by the EM VCT500. The workflow steps will remain the same. For further information please contact your sales specialist.