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  • Wi-Fi Education

    Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are the carriers of modern networked knowledge. Our Wi-Fi Education solutions liberate you from device or location, and give unlimited access to knowledge. It only…
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  • Life Science Education

    As a teacher of biology, you show students how living organisms are structured using tissue sections and blood smears as microscope samples. To get the most out of their observations, they should be…
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  • Earth Science Education

    Earth Science educational microscopes, cameras and software from Leica Microsystems offer modular flexibility to fit your classroom specific needs and budget.
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  • Science Lab Topic: Education

    Factors to Consider when Selecting Student Microscopes for Schools and Universities

    Selecting educational microscopes is not an easy task for teachers. The microscopes must stand up to daily use by not always careful hands, be constantly up and running, and fit the budget…
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