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Leica M400 E Surgical Microscopes Leica Leica Microsystems

Surgical microscope for ENT surgery Leica M400 E

Compact and stable, the Leica M400 E surgical microscope series combines the convenience of a quick operating room set-up with a high-quality optical system.

The superior, sharp contrast image and large depth of field are hallmarks of the Leica M400 E. The swing arm’s long reach allows the stand to be positioned farther from the operative site to provide ample space around the operating table and the patient.

The new ergonomically designed handle gives the surgeon fast, precise and effortless positioning with one hand.

The Leica M400 E surgical microscope ENT surgery

Key Features

Better surgery

Leica Microsystems’ crisp optics provide outstanding image quality - higher contrast and higher resolution, more detail is visible resulting in better surgery.

Simple balancing system

The simple balancing system, allows the Leica M400 E, with accessories, to be brought into a state of equilibrium with only a few adjustment.

Integrated halogen illuminator

The integrated halogen illuminator emits a coaxial light beam that penetrates even the narrowest cavities, illuminating your field of view brightly and uniformly.