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Leica M525 MS3 Surgical Microscopes Leica Leica Microsystems

The surgical microscope system for neurosurgery, spine surgery and ENT Leica M525 MS3

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica M525 F50

The Leica M525 MS3 is an innovative combination of a mid-range floor stand and Leica Microsystems’ premium-quality APO OptiChrome™ M525 optics.

Easy to move, the Leica MS3 stand has six electromagnetic brakes that ensure light, smooth movement in all axes.

With many of the same features found on high-end, premium microscopes, the Leica M525 MS3 offers the surgeon a compact, economical alternative in high-quality surgical microscopes.

The Leica M525 MS3 surgical microscope solution for neurosurgery, spine surgery and ENT.