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Leica M525 F50 Surgical microscope

Archived Product
Replaced by PROvido

M525 F50 is available in specific markets only. Please contact your local Leica representative for more information.

The Leica M525 F50 is a multi-purpose surgical microscope combining cost-efficiency and convenience. Features, such as the fluorescence module Leica FL800, BrightCare, HD documentation, and others, make it the ideal microscope for procedures in Neurosurgery, Spine, Otolaryngology, and Plastic Reconstructive. The system provides quality and reliability in every respect: the optics, design, engineering, materials, components, operation, ergonomics and use.

Availability of products or features depends on local registrations. Please contact your Leica Microsystems’ representative for availability in your region.
Leica M525 F50 surgical microscope for Neuro, Spine, ENT, and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
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