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FL800 - Near infrared fluorescence imaging
GLOW800 - Augmented reality fluorescence imaging

One complete picture of the cerebro- vascular region

  • One augmented, real-time view means no more need to recall and try to reconcile the black and white blood flow video with the natural anatomical view
  • Crisp delineation helps you limit potential compromise or obstruction of surrounding perforators and small vessels
  • Full depth perception and no dark peripheries supports clear spatial orientation to aid manipulation of vessels

Advantages of GLOW800 AR fluorescence compared to NIR imaging

Compare visualization of cerebrovascular flow with GLOW800 AR fluorescence to traditional near infrared (NIR) imaging in this video.

Professor Raphael Guzman, MD talks about his experience when he used GLOW800 augmented reality (AR) fluorescence for the first time in the OR. He discusses the advantages over alternative fluorescence technologies which do not allow blood flow and anatomy to be viewed simultaneously.

Benefits for your surgery

Visualization with GLOW800 AR supports each step of your vascular neurosurgery procedure and also supports with post-operative imaging.

For example during aneurysm clipping, it helps:

  • Confidently apply an aneurysm clip
  • Assess clip placement and aneurysm occlusion
  • Check if all branches proximal and distal to the clipped aneurysm are perfused and whether there is orthograde filling of the blood vessels
  • Confirm the clip has not caused any compromise of surrounding blood vessels, such as kinking or partial obstruction

View blood flow without interrupting workflow

  • A simultaneous white-light and real-time fluorescent blood flow view means no need to pause surgery to watch a black and white NIR fluorescence video before returning to white light mode to continue operating
  • Full integration with your M530 microscope enables one-touch activation of GLOW800 mode via handgrip or footswitch
  • All the information you need to work confidently in GLOW800 mode, even if there is a sudden bleed

Choose your color!

Select from a range of pseudo colors according to your preference and for optimal contrast to the tissue.

See GLOW800 directly in the eyepieces

No need to break concentration to look from the surgical site to the monitor. Choose CaptiView image injection to view GLOW800 AR fluorescence directly in the eyepieces of your M530 microscope.

  • 1080p, full-HD display provides 2.6 x higher resolution than previous devices
  • LED backlight and LCD for crisp, bright images with 500:1 contrast
  • Choose to view in left, right, or both eyepiece according to your preference

Set up and record with ease

Display GLOW800 images on HD monitor for the whole team. Then easily capture HD video for later review and teaching outside the OR.

  • Easy video focus adjustment to the needs of the surgeon or quality of the image
  • Easy setup and parfocal repositioning of the fine focus
  • One-touch activation of recording function thanks to full integration with your M530 microscope

Augmenting your reality: GLOW AR

Building on a decade of leadership in fluorescence imaging technology, GLOW800 fluorescence is the first of many modalities based on the proprietary GLOW AR platform.

The sophisticated imaging sensors and algorithms of GLOW AR acquire, optimize, and combine multiple spectral bands of light. The result is natural coloring of tissue anatomy and accurate representation of fluorescence intensity.

Enhance your OR with 3D

To enhance your teaching program, the GLOW AR platform offers optional integrated 3D display and recording.

Own the platform of the future

Stay at the cutting edge: The GLOW AR platform is fully upgradeable when new GLOW imaging modalities are introduced in the near future.