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Augmented Reality Fluorescence GLOW800

Advantages of GLOW800 AR fluorescence compared to NIR imaging

Compare visualization of cerebrovascular flow with GLOW800 AR fluorescence to traditional near infrared (NIR) imaging in this video.


See how GLOW800 augmented reality (AR) fluorescence takes the high contrast of NIR imaging in combination with ICG and fuses it with the naturally-colored microscope view in real-time.

GLOW800 Augmented Reality Fluorescence: AV Fistula

View new GLOW800* augmented reality (AR) fluorescence from Leica Microsystems recorded during a neurosurgical procedure performed by Dr. Prof. Cleopatra Charalampaki at the Department of Neurosurgery, Cologne Medical Center, Germany

First impressions of GLOW800 during vascular neurosurgery: Prof. Raphael Guzman, MD

Professor Raphael Guzman, MD talks about his experience when he used GLOW800 augmented reality (AR) fluorescence for the first time in the OR. He discusses the advantages over alternative fluorescence technologies which do not allow blood flow and anatomy to be viewed simultaneously.

Professor Guzman talks about the future of neurosurgical imaging

In this video Professor Raphael Guzman, MD talks about the benefit of having more information during surgery by integrating augmented imaging technologies, such as GLOW800 AR fluorescence and neuronavigation, in one microscope.