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Surgical microscope Leica M525 F50

  • Neurosurgery Microscopes

    Neurosurgery microscopes from Leica Microsystems provide high-quality optics and engineering for cranial, spine, multi-disciplinary and other microsurgery disciplines.
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  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

    Whether you need a premium surgical microscope or a cost-effective option for multidisciplinary use, Leica Microsystems offers customizable options for a wide range of microsurgical applications.
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  • Science Lab Topic: Education

    How to use a Surgical Microscope as an Operating Room Nurse

    Surgical microscopes play an essential role in the modern microsurgery procedures. It provides the surgeon, assistant and operating room staff with a magnified and illuminated high-quality image of…
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    Science Lab Topic: Surgical Microscopy

    How to Drape a Surgical Microscope

    Before performing surgical procedures, it is important to drape the surgical microscope to ensure sterile working conditions. At Leica, we are committed to helping you with your surgical practice. In…
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  • Science Lab Topic: Otolaryngology (ENT)

    Cochlea Implants for the Deaf and Severely Hard of Hearing

    People who can’t hear are outsiders, cut off from normal conversation. Children born into a silent world never learn to talk. Adults who lose their hearing due to age, accident or illness are no…
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