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Advanced surgical microscope Leica M720 OH5

Improved surgeon ergonomics and instrument maneuverability

Leica M720 compact optics carrier

The substantial gain in free working distance, thanks to the compact optics carrier Leica M720, gives the surgeon unobstructed access to the surgical area and greater instrument maneuverability. Whatever the position of the patient, even sitting upright, the surgeon benefits from superior ergonomics. Improved postural alignment can lead to increased comfort and concentration, and can prevent fatigue and musculoskeletal pain during long procedures.

Smart illumination technology for unsurpassed patient safety

Small Angle Illumination (SAI)

SAI provides a concentrated light beam, aligned to the optical axis, thus distributing light more evenly and reducing shadows in the surgical field. The result:

  • deeper light penetration
  • increased detail visibility
  • improved depth vision

Example: Transsphenoidal surgery, general illustration

  1. Conventional microscope illumination, WD 400 mm
  2. Microscope with Small Angle Illumination, WD 400 mm

BrightCare Plus — Light intensity control

BrightCare Plus optimizes the light intensity relative to the working distance. As working distance decreases, the light intensity is reduced automatically, reducing the risk of patient burns. As working distance increases, the light intensity rises again accordingly.

  1. Max. illumination: Long working distance
  2. Max. illumination (BrightCare Plus inactive): Decreased working distance at same illumination setting (left) creates burn potential in conventional microscopes.
  3. Microscope with BightCare Plus activated: BrightCare Plus automatically adapts light intensity to the working distance, providing safer illumination (up to 60% reduction of intensity).

AutoIris™ — Light diameter control

AutoIris™ adjusts the diaphragm so that only the visible area is illuminated. When zoomed in, the light circle adapts automatically: the higher the magnification, the smaller the light circle. This prevents the possibility of drying or burning exposed tissue, outside of the actual field of view.

  1. Conventional microscope at low magnification: At low magnification, the field of illumination (yellow) fills the field of view (green) completely.
  2. Conventional microscope at high magnification: Previously, as magnification increased, the field of view became smaller, but the illumination outside the field of view could potentially cause tissue burns (red).
  3. Microscope with AutoIris™: AutoIris™ automatically works with the zoom, decreasing the field of illumination as the field of view decreases. There is no peripheral illumination to cause tissue burns outside the field of view.

Superior maneuverability and precise movement

Two beam focusing reference

SpeedSpot™, the fast and accurate microscope focusing feature, allows one reference point for all three viewing ports (surgeon, assistant and video camera) to be immediately in focus when positioning. The result is an optimal parafocality, sharp images and increased comfort for surgeons.

Intraoperative AutoBalance

A microscope may need rebalancing during surgery due to changing needs for the surgeon's and assistant's positioning. With one push of the AC/BC button, located above the optical head, the surgeon can rebalance in seconds, even through the sterile drape.

Viewing for the entire OR team

Leica Microsystems' OpenArchitecture™ allows for easy upgrades of rapidly evolving imaging technology - including cameras, recording devices, IGS (image-guided surgery) and fluorescence systems. User-friendly operation ensures easy recording and editing of videos and photos for presentations, teaching, or medical records. See our brochure for more information on imaging accessories.

TrueVision® 3D Surgical system

The optional TrueVision® 3D Surgical* system is a market-leading technology combining 3D visualization and guidance software applications focused on improving accuracy, efficiency, and outcomes for both surgeons and patients. It is either integrated into the Leica OH5 stand or available as a stand-alone cart system.

*Please check the status of TrueVision® product availability with your local Leica Microsystems representative.

TrueVision 3D Surgical is a trademark of TrueVision Systems Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Med X Change HDMD® 1080p/720p systems

The optional Med X Change HDMD® 1080p (Full HD) and 720p are user-friendly digital recording systems for the surgical environment. The HDMD® systems* detect ICG to prevent extraneous video recording during vascular fluorescence use. Dual channel recording and live split-screen viewing simultaneously show normal (white light) and Leica FL800 (infrared) images. Additionally, image and video files can be transferred to a USB, external hard drive or wirelessly to an Apple® device within seconds. The HDMD® 1080p and 720p can record in H.264 MAC files for full Apple® device and iMovie® compatibility.

*available depending on the software version.

HDMD, Med X Mobile, and Med X Change are trademarks of Med X Change Inc., (manufacturer of Medical Video Recorders) registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Positioning flexibility to suit surgeon and OR staff

Highest overhead clearance and longest reach

The Leica M720 OH5's long arm gives it the highest overhead clearance and longest reach of any surgical microscopes on the market today. This, combined with a compact footprint, enables surgeons to position the microscope out of the way, to obtain the perfect vantage point and continue working comfortably.