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Decode 3D biology in real time*

THUNDER Imager 3D Live Cell & 3D Cell Culture & 3D Assay

Adaptable to your future needs

THUNDER Imagers are designed to deliver benchmark performance, as well as to grow with your needs. You can benefit from a variety of upgrades and accessories including software support for additional cameras, the InfinityPort concept, and the possibility of integrating 3rd party hardware via the synapse control system.

Further useful options include a Pulsed Laser Unit and an Infinity Scanner for photomanipulation, ablation, and microsurgery experiments. These options allow you to tailor a THUNDER Imager to your changing needs.

Core Systems Components & Performance Characteristics THUNDER Imager
  3D Assay 3D Cell Culture 3D Live Cell
Stand DMi8 DMi8 DMi8
Hardware Focus/Drift Compensation AFC AFC AFC
Optics +++ +++ +++
Detection +++ +++ +++
Max. Frame Rate ++ +++ +++
Stage Speed + +++ +++
Stage Precision ++ +++ +++
Illumination (number of lines) ++ +++ +++
Real-time Control (Synapse) - +++ +++
Incubation optional optional +++
LD Water Immersion Objectives optional optional optional
Automated Water Immersion optional optional optional
Infinity Scanner - optional optional
InfinityScanner + Pulsed Laser Unit - optional optional
Infinity TIRF - optional optional