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THUNDER Imager Live Cell & 3D Assay

Decode 3D biology in real time*

The following configurations were used in the applications provided in the examples.

THUNDER Imagers can be configured to your application. Get in contact with us.

  THUNDER Imager
  3D Assay Live Cell Live Cell
Specimen Retina Brain organoid Explant aorta
Workflow Navigator spiral scan Navigator large tile scan Long-term live cell culture
Stand DMi8 DMi8 DMi8
Focus Z-Focus, motorized, closed-loop THUNDER AFC (hardware focus for fast focusing and drift correction) Motorized, closed-loop, AFC (hardware focus for fast focusing and drift correction)
Stage Scanning stage QUANTUM high speed stage (real-time controlled with Synapse) QUANTUM high speed stage (real-time controlled with Synapse)
Transmitted light contrast & method BF, DIC BF BF
EFW - + +
Filter cubes Single band pass Quad Quad
Fluorescence illumination LED3 LED5 LED8
Incubation - Stage-top incubation Incubator i8, Temp, CO2 control
Detection K5 DFC9000 GTC DFC9000 GTC, Hamamatsu Flash4
Optional Upgrade path for advanced imaging workflows - + +
Optional Photomanipulation - Infinity Scanner Infinity Scanner

Core strengths of our THUNDER Imagers:

  THUNDER Imager
Applications 3D Assay Live Cell
Monocell layers ++ +++
Organoids or Spheroids ++ +++
Zebrafish or C.Elegans, and other model organisms ++ +++
Whole organs i.e. bio-printed or uncleared tissue of Mos ++ +++
Thick tissue sections, i.e. biopsies or vibratome sections ++ +++
Multi-well plates +++ +++
Chamber slides ++ +++
Glass slides ++ +++
Petri dishes + +++
Live cell imaging (Time lapse) + +++
Contrast Methods (PhaCo, DIC, IMC) +++ ++
TIRF - +++
Photomanipulation - +++
Ablation, i.e. FRAP/FRET - +++
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