Details fully resolved even in thick specimens

THUNDER Imager Tissue enables the meaningful exploration of thick tissue specimens with all the advantages of widefield microscopy. See the details of structures even deep in your specimen. It does not matter if you acquire single sections or 3D z-stacks.

The investigation of neuronal networks is a perfect example of what is possible. With Computational Clearing, a Leica technique, you remove the out-of-focus blur in real time and make the fine structure of specific brain areas visible.

Now you can follow the dynamics of reorganization within a neuronal network or the rebuilding and establishment of new synapses. In other words you can decode 3D biology in real time.

Widefield THUNDER Imager Tissue

Image your whole specimen in a breathtakingly short time

Image rapidly the whole specimen with the THUNDER Imager Tissue. You can acquire outstanding images of thick specimens in one shot showing the finest cellular structures. Now it is easy to collect clear, detailed images of larger tissue sections.

  • Combine THUNDER Imager Tissue with the LAS X Navigator software for a blur-free overview of your entire tissue specimen.
  • Quickly navigate your specimen and find regions of interest.
Drosophila third instar larval fillet labeled with AlexaFluor™647 for post-synaptic sites, AlexaFluor™555 conjugated to phalloidin, and AlexaFluor™488 labeling a subset of motor neurons. Sample courtesy Dr. Amicia Elliott, NIH/NIMH, Bethesda, MD (USA).

Resolve fine details in challenging specimens

THUNDER Imager Tissue delivers instantly cleared-up fluorescent images with fine details of your multi-color tissue sections. Just turn the THUNDER Imager on and get started! The unique Computational Clearing uses optimal parameters to produce expert-level results. It does it automatically with no need for calibration or user interaction.

Achieve optimal fluorescence and contrast settings instantly via the patented Leica fluorescence intensity (FIM) and contrast managers. Choose from a range of objectives, optimized for specific applications, to ensure outstanding results even for challenging specimens.

Cyclops sp. Nuclei (green), acetylated -tubulin (red), Serotonin (cyan). Image stack of a total volume of 332 x 332 x 84 µm³ with three colors and 305 z planes per color. Objective used was HC PL FLUOTAR 40x/1.30 OIL. Sample courtesy Dipl. Biol. Thomas Frase, University of Rostock, Allgemeine & Spezielle Zoologie, Institut for Biosciences, Rostock (Germany).

Two Options for THUNDER Imager Tissue

Choose the configuration which best meets your requirements:

  • THUNDER Imager 3D Tissue is a fully automated tissue imaging system for recording multi-color 3D images. Capture multiple images in the z-direction and visualize them in the 3D viewer. Achieve excellent z-stack imaging due to a precise motorized focus drive. Decode 3D structures in real time.
  • For brilliant imaging of single planes and fast overviews of your tissue the THUNDER Imager Tissue is also available in a cost-effective configuration without a motorized focus drive.
THUNDER Imager 3D Tissue
THUNDER Imager 3D Tissue

Combination System: LMD System with THUNDER Imaging

THUNDER can be combined with additional Laser Microdissection (LMD) capabilities in the same system. The base stand of the LMD systems and THUNDER Imager 3D Tissue are the same, thus such a combination offers:

  • Lab space savings with one system for different tasks
  • Brilliant fluorescence imaging with THUNDER using LAS X
  • Laser Microdissection with the LMD option using the unique LMD Software to visualize and mark regions of interest for subsequent dissection and collection via gravity into standard vials ready for downstream processing such as RNAseq, NGS, MS, qPCR, microarray etc.
Leica LMD principle: Tissue sections are mounted on a special membrane. A UV-laser cuts according pre-defined markings and dissectates drop into collections wells beneath the slide.

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