Cveta Tomova , Dr.

Cveta Tomova

Dr. Cveta Tomova was born in Bulgaria where she completed her MSc degree in Biology, specializing in medical and veterinary parasitology, a field in which she later worked as research associate in the Institute of Veterinary Medicine.

In 2004 she moved to Germany where she was a research associate in Institute of Zoology, TU-Dresden. During this time she began her PhD which was completed at the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), with Prof. Arie Verkleij. She gained experience in EM sample preparation techniques and 3D-EM Tomography. Before joining Leica Microsystems, Cveta was a postdoctoral fellow in the Dutch Cancer Institute, working with Prof. Peter Peters on techniques such as CEMOVIS.

Since 2010 Dr. Cveta Tomova is Product Manager at  Leica Microsystems in Vienna, Austria.

She is responsible for the following instruments:

  • Leica EM PACT2 with EM RTS
  • Leica EM AFS2 with EM FSP
  • Leica EM HPM100
  • Leica EM SPF