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David Pointu , Ph.D.

David Pointu

David Pointu studied physical chemistry at the University of Strasbourg. After completing his PhD in 2002, and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Institut Curie, he moved to pursue a career in industry in 2004. He has since worked as an application specialist in high-end microscopy at different companies including GE Healthcare. In 2021 he joined Leica Microsystems as an application manager for Cell DIVE and translational research. David has broad experience in light microscopy, including various methods, samples and workflow for cell and tissue imaging and analysis.

Co-detection of 10 extracellular matrix proteins and 3 topographical tissue landmarks by multiplex immunostaining within a single high-grade fibrous hotspot from a human hepatocellular carcinoma

In Situ Identification of Cancer Stem Cell Niches in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Discover how multiplexed imaging technology uncovers cancer stem cell niches in Hepatocellular Carcinoma using multiplex immunodetection, revealing extracellular matrix dynamics. Explore precise…
Colon adenocarcinoma with 13 biomarkers shown

Hyperplex Cancer Tissue Analysis at Single Cell Level with Cell DIVE

The ability to study how lymphoma cell heterogeneity is influenced by the cells’ response to their microenvironment, especially at the mutational, transcriptomic, and protein levels. Protein…
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