Ian Harper , Prof.

Ian Harper

Ian is an Associate Professor and the founding Director of Monash Micro Imaging, a core Optical Microscopy Facility at Monash University. He has a 30 year involvement in imaging and microscopy, with BSc.Hons and MSc from Natal University, and a PhD from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He moved to Australia in 1997 to manage the Monash Confocal Imaging Facility, and then established Monash Micro Imaging, which now supports optical imaging research across 3 Monash University campuses. His interests cover all forms of microscopy including developing imaging infrastructure tools and applications.

Monash University


BABB Clearing and Imaging for High Resolution Confocal Microscopy

Multipohoton microscopy experiment using Leica TCS SP8 MP and Leica 20x/0.95 NA BABB immersion objective. Understanding kidney microanatomy is key to detecting and identifying early events in kidney…
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