Marko Lampe , Dr.

Marko Lampe

Marko Lampe studied Biochemistry at the University of Hannover (Germany). During his PhD at the University of Heidelberg, he studied the entry of fluorescently-labelled Human Immunodeficiency Virus particles into host cells using live cell-imaging techniques and single particle tracking. He continued working with live-cell imaging during his postdoc at the MRC LMB in Cambridge, UK, investigating clathrin-mediated endocytosis. At that time, he was first exposed to super-resolution microscopy using PALM to study the distribution of clathrin coated pits on the cell membrane. In 2011, Marko joined Leica Microsystems to work as an Application Manager for Widefield Super-Resolution Microscopy in Wetzlar, Germany. In 2013, he decided to return to academia. Marko is now working in the Advanced Light Microscopy Facility at the EMBL Heidelberg and at the Translational Lung Research Centre of the University of Heidelberg (Germany).