Martin Fritsch , Dr.

Martin Fritsch

Martin Fritsch was born in Mühlhausen, Germany. After his diploma-thesis in 2008 at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, he moved to Rostock. In the working group of Prof. Stefan Richter at the Lehrstuhl für Allgemeine und Spezielle Zoologie at the University of Rostock, he received his Dr. rer. nat in 2012. During his PhD Martin Fritsch obtained comprehensive skills in immunohistochemical, histological and especially confocal microscopy techniques. He focused on the ontogeny of various crustaceans and investigated the development of the nervous system, to trace the evolutionary origin of distinct arthropod species. After finishing his PhD he moved to Vienna to join the working of Prof. Andreas Wanninger at the department of Integrative Zoology at the University of Vienna. Despite the change to a different animal group, from arthropods to molluscs, he still looks at developmental processes. To enrich his theoretical, technical and methodological profile, he is currently working with in-situ hybridization methods to analyze genetic expression patterns during ontogeny.


2001–2003: Undergraduate Studies in Biology at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany

2003–2007: Graduate Studies in Biology at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Minor Subjects Anthropology and Ecology

2007–2008: Diploma thesis: "Comparative Analysis of the Jaw Muscles in Anurans Larvae Depending on their Nutrition", supervised by Prof. Dr. Lennart Olsson and Prof. Dr. Stefan Richter (Rostock University)

2008 Doctoral Studies at the Department of General and Specific Zoology, Rostock University. Diploma Thesis: "Morphology und Ontogenesis of the Nervous System of Selected Brachiopods with Regard to a Potential Pro-genetic Emergence of Cladocera"

Professional Career

01/2008 – 01/2012: Research assistent in the group of Prof. Dr. Stefan Richter, University of Rostock, department of biosciences, Allgemeine und Spezielle Zoologie, Rostock, Germany

11/2012 – 06/2013: Scientific employee in the project: "Erstellen einer morphologischen Merkmalsmatrix als Grundlage für ein besseres Verständnis der Evolution des Nervensystems der Metazoa", at the University of Rostock, Department of Biosciences, Allgemeine und Spezielle Zoologie, Rostock, Germany


Fritsch M, Bininda-Emonds OPR, Richter S: Unraveling the origin of Cladocera by identifying heterochrony in the developmental sequences of Branchiopoda. Frontiers in Zoology 10: 35 (2013).

Fritsch M, Kaji T, Olesen J, Richter S: The development of the nervous system in Laevicaudata (Crustacea, Branchiopoda) – insights into the evolution and homologies  of branchiopod limbs and "frontal organs". Zoomorphology 132: 132–81 (2013).

Fritsch M, Richter S: Nervous system development in Spinicaudata and Cyclestherida (Crustacea, Branchiopoda) – Comparing two different modes of indirect development by using an event pairing approach. Journal of Morphology 273: 672–95 (2012).
Fritsch M, Richter S: The formation of the nervous system during larval development in Triops cancriformis (Bosc) (Crustacea, Branchiopoda): An immunohistochemical survey. Journal of Morphology 271: 1457–81 (2010).