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Pooja Dasgupta , Ph.D.

Pooja Dasgupta

Pooja earned her doctoral degree in Molecular Pharmacology from University of Jena, Germany. During her PhD she developed a real-time cell-based assay to study signaling of GPCRs (G protein-coupled receptors). She joined Leica Microsystems in 2023 as a Junior Product Manager.

40x magnification of organoids cluster taken on Mateo TL.Cell type: esophageal squamous carcinoma; scale  bar 15µm. Courtesy of bioGenous, China.

Overcoming Observational Challenges in Organoid 3D Cell Culture

Learn how to overcome challenges in observing organoid growth. Read this article and discover new solutions for real-time monitoring which do not disturb the 3D structure of the organoids over time.
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