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Stephen Firth , MSc

Stephen Firth

Stephen is Manager of the Advanced Optical Imaging Facility at Monash Micro Imaging, Monash University.  Stephen has a BSc and MSc from RMIT University, spent two years in vaccine development at Melbourne University and ten years in human molecular genetics of copper transport at the Murdoch Institute and Deakin University. After setting up Confocal Microscopy at Deakin University, Stephen moved to Monash University and Monash Micro Imaging in 2005. Stephen oversees the facility, trains and supervises the microscope users, and specialises in the cellular imaging on widefield, confocal, multiphoton and other specialised microscopes.

Monash University


BABB Clearing and Imaging for High Resolution Confocal Microscopy

Multipohoton microscopy experiment using Leica TCS SP8 MP and Leica 20x/0.95 NA BABB immersion objective. Understanding kidney microanatomy is key to detecting and identifying early events in kidney…
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