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Won Yung Choi , Ph.D.

Won Yung Choi

Won Yung Choi, Ph.D. is the Product Owner - Product Manager for Aivia AI Image Analysis Software at Leica Microsystems, responsible for the roadmap and feature implementation. Won Yung received her Ph.D. in dopaminergic circuitry changes during learning from Columbia University, New York, USA. In the last two decades, Won Yung has been involved in advanced microscopy and image analysis starting as a postdoc researcher at Columbia, then most recently as the National Sales and Support Manager of Imaris Americas (Oxford Instruments) before joining Leica to drive R & D and create smarter AI-driven image analysis solutions to get from eye to insights faster.

AI-Powered Multiplexed Image Analysis to Explore Colon Adenocarcinoma

In this application note, we demonstrate a spatial biology workflow via an AI-powered multiplexed image analysis-based exploration of the tumor immune microenvironment in colon adenocarcinoma.
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