Tunable Multicolor Deep In Vivo Imaging

SP8 DIVE Multiphoton Microscope Image Gallery

Today’s life science research focusses on complex biological processes, such as the causes of cancer and other human diseases. A deep look into tissues and living specimens is vital to understanding the conditions and mechanisms in cells and finding answers to crucial questions challenging the life sciences.


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About SP8 DIVE Multiphoton Microscope

The SP8 DIVE Deep In Vivo Explorer is a multiphoton microscope with spectrally tunable non-descanned detection that provides unlimited flexibility, so that users can optimally distinguish components and structures deep in tissues and living organisms. The SP8 DIVE comes with the unique 4Tune detection that offers full spectral freedom and allows the detection of multiple transgenic markers with perfect color separation in a single experiment.

Deep in vivo multicolor imaging

Label-free imaging: Second (SHG) and third harmonic generation (THG)

Mouse brain cortex. Thy1-eYFP cortical neurons, THG blood cells. Excitation: 1300 nm. Objective: IRAPO 25x1.0 W motCorr. 70 fps, 256x256 px. Sample courtesy of Kevin Keppler, Light Microscopy Center, DZNE, Bonn, Germany.

Spectral unmixing and Three Photon excitation

Spectral unmixing

Three photon excitation

Deep in vivo colocalization


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