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Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Multiphase Chemistry Department, Mainz, Germany

Multiphase chemistry deals with chemical reactions, transport processes and transformations between solids, liquids and gases. These processes are important for Earth system science and climate research as well as for life and health sciences.

In Earth system science and climate research, the focus of our department is on studying heterogeneous chemical reactions at the atmosphere-biosphere interface and related environmental processes. Concerning life and health sciences, we investigate how air pollutants generate oxidative stress and modify protein macromolecules, and how this affects inflammatory and allergic diseases. We aim to elucidate the course of multiphase processes at the molecular level and their impact at macroscopic and global scales. The challenge will be bridging the different spatial and temporal scales: from the tenths of a nanometer to thousands of kilometers and from nanoseconds to years.

Source: (24.08.2023)

HeLa cells stimulated with LPS. Image has been subjected to deconvolution.

Chronic Inflammation Under the Microscope

In the course of chronic inflammation certain body areas are recurrently inflamed. This goes along with many human diseases. With the help of widefield light microscopy, the underlying processes can…
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