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Accelerating Discovery for Multiplexed Imaging of Diverse Tissues

Learn how multiplexed antibody-based imaging methods can help you obtain a deeper understanding of cell composition and spatial organization in tissues of interest.


Multiplex imaging of tissues is increasingly important for studies of tumor–immune interactions, for discovery efforts such as the Human Cell Atlas. Join us for this presentation where Andrea J. Radtke, PhD explains how tissue atlases can be mapped using Iterative Bleaching Extends multi-pleXity (IBEX) and discusses the wide array of community resources for multiplexed imaging.

What will you learn?

  • Tips and tricks for adopting multiplexed antibody-based imaging methods in your laboratory
  • Community resources for multiplexed imaging
  • Creating tissue atlases using IBEX

Perform multiplexed antibody-based tissue imaging quickly and cheaply with IBEX

In recent years, the expansion of multiplexed imaging platform has been remarkable. Multiplexed antibody-based imaging enables the characterization of cellular interactions, spatial relationships, and histological patterns in tissues. These techniques require considerable resources and domain expertise for implementation, which limit their widespread adoption. To overcome these challenges, we developed Iterative Bleaching Extends multi-pleXity (IBEX). IBEX is an open-source method that can be completed at relatively low cost in 2-5 days by biologists with basic laboratory skills. 

In addition to cost-effective techniques such as IBEX, community initiatives are needed to extend the reach of multiplexed tissue imaging. The IBEX Imaging Community is an international group of scientists committed to sharing knowledge related to multiplexed imaging in a transparent and collaborative manner. Organ Mapping Antibody Panels (OMAPs) are community-validated resources that save time and money, increase reproducibility, as well as support the construction of a Human Reference Atlas. 

This webinar will provide guidelines for the successful application of IBEX to a wide range of scientific questions using diverse imaging platforms. A significant amount of time will be devoted to the following topics: optimal tissue processing, working with fixed frozen and FFPE specimens, identifying appropriate reagents, and constructing organ atlases. Team science initiatives will be highlighted to encourage attendees to join and accelerate discovery together.

Watch the webinar

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