Fast 2 Colour Live Cell Dynamics with TauSTED Gentle Super-resolution

TauSTED: pushing STED beyond its limits with lifetime


TauSTED, with low photon budget and the fast detection scheme in our STELLARIS confocal platform, enables the tracking of highly dynamic processes in live cells. We can see in this example the dynamics of the cytoskeleton and membrane vesicles. 

Video TauSTED

*Tinevez, J. Y. et al. TrackMate: an open and extensible platform for single particle tracking. Methods 115, 80–90 (2017).

TauSTED combines the optical signals from STED and the physical information from fluorescence lifetime at confocal speeds. Outstanding STED resolution and image quality is achieved due to background removal, at gentle imaging conditions for extended STED acquisitions in time and space.

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Application note in Pushing STED beyond its limits with TauSTED

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