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TauSense Technology Imaging Tools

Add an extra dimension to confocal results with TauSense


Leica Microsystems’ TauSense technology is a set of imaging tools based on fluorescence lifetime. Found at the core of the STELLARIS confocal platform, it will revolutionize your imaging experiments. Whatever your sample or staining procedure, fluorescence lifetime information is always there. Now TauSense gives you access to this additional information and expands the potential of your research with the possibilities provided by different TauSense modes.

Read the Application Note to find out how you can use TauSense technology to:

  • Explore a new dimension of information in every confocal experiment with instant access to functional information.
  • Improve image quality by removing unwanted fluorescence signals that mask your data and prevent you from truly seeing your sample.
  • Separate fluorescent species based on lifetime information, allowing you to distinguish fluorescent signals with similar spectra.

Download Application Note

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Fluorescence lifetime-based multicolor imaging in live NE-115 cells. Actin: LifeAct-mNeonGreen (left: yellow, right: red); mitochondria: MitoTracker Green (left: yellow, right: green); nuclei: NUC Red (left: gray, right: blue); and tubulin: SiR-tubulin (l

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