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The Power of Reproducibility, Collaboration and New Imaging Technologies

Accelerate scientific progress - webinar on-demand

Lifetime-based multiplexing in live cells using TauSeparation. Mammalian cells expressing LifeAct-GFP (ibidi GmbH) and labelled with MitoTracker Green. Acquisition with one detector, intensity information shown in grey. The two markers can be separated using lifetime information: LifeAct-GFP (cyan), MitoTracker Green (magenta). Image acquired with STELLARIS 5. Lifetime-based_multiplexing_in_live_cells_using_TauSeparation.jpg

Quantitative light microscopy is key to accelerating scientific discovery in both fundamental and translational biomedical research. The rapid development and advancement of new tools in light microscopy and data analysis has presented new challenges for researchers, as an in-depth understanding of each technology is needed to appreciate how it may introduce bias and impact reproducibility. Additionally, it elevates the activation energy to adopt new technologies that would otherwise drive science forward. Access to expertise, resources and education is critical in the adoption of new technologies and to improve the advancement of microscopy-based science and to ensure rigor and reproducibility. Imaging scientists have a key educational role in improving rigor and reproducibility by sharing their technical expertise and providing intellectual contribution in all aspects of image-based science. They participate in the creation, development and dissemination of guidelines, resources, and tools to improve image-based research.

About the webinar

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What impacts reproducibility in microscopy 
  • What resources and initiatives there are to improve education and rigor and reproducibility in microscopy 
  • How collaboration between researchers, imaging scientists and microscopy vendors can drive innovation and adoption of new technologies 

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