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Understanding Tumor Heterogeneity with Protein Marker Imaging

Single-cell phenotyping and spatial analysis of cancer and immune cells with quantitative protein multiplex imaging

Hepatocellular Carcinoma with 13 biomarkers shown – Beta-Catenin, CD3D, CD4, CD8a, CD31, CD44, CD163, DAPI, PanCK, PCK26, PD1, SMA, and Vimentin. Hepatocellular_Carcinoma_13_Markers_Zoom2.jpg

Join Dr. Alison Cheung's exploration of tumor heterogeneity and immune cell dynamics as she demonstrates how protein multiplex imaging is used to provide quantitative insights into cancer research. Discover how Cell DIVE empowers her researcher: high-resolution imaging merges seamlessly with spatial analysis, offering a transformative approach to translational cancer research. Witness the power of Cell DIVE in revealing spatial relationships and molecular insights of tumor heterogeneity and immune cell dynamics.

About the webinar

Key Learnings 

  • See how multiplexed imaging unveils tumor dynamics for precision therapeutics.
  • Visualize details of cancer cellular heterogeneity via protein marker multiplex imaging.
  • Understand the variations in protein marker expression patterns within cancer epithelium.
  • Learn how spatial insights guide personalized cancer treatments.
  • Discover Cell DIVE: Transformative Technology for visualizing tissue by cell type and biomarker profile.

Cell DIVE multiplexed immunodetection in cancer research

Explore the transformative potential of multiplexed immunodetection in cancer research, as demonstrated by Cell DIVE. Understand how this technology empowers researchers to uncover intricate details of cancer cellular heterogeneity via protein marker multiplex imaging. Dr. Cheung showcases the integration of proteomics and multiplexed imaging, providing a comprehensive guide to identifying the cellular expression of various receptors and their spatial relationship in the tumor microenvironment. 

Understanding tumor heterogeneity with protein marker expression patterns 

Dr. Cheung's research using Cell DIVE technology unveils the complexities of tumor heterogeneity, offering a guide to understanding the variations in protein marker expression patterns within cancer epithelium. Witness the spatial arrangement of key markers such as Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor, HER2, and more in different tumor subtypes. This session provides critical insights for precision medicine, aiding in the identification of potential targets and personalized treatment strategies based on the unique molecular signatures of individual tumors.

Practical insights with Cell DIVE: Multiplexed imaging in cancer analysis

Gain practical insights into multiplexed immunohistochemical analyses with Cell DIVE, enabling the identification, labeling, and analysis of antibodies from immunostained tissue sample images. This revolutionary technique concurrently visualizes various cell populations within the tumor microenvironment, offering profound insights crucial for interpreting treatment responses and predicting outcomes. Join Dr. Alison Cheung as she explores the indispensable role of multiplexed imaging in advancing our understanding of tumor ecosystems, providing essential information for therapeutic interventions.

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